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Resinated Weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by WaY_WeiRd, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. My friends and I just smoked some resinated weed...

    One of my friends, he bought an extra chamber for his bowl a while ago, and stuck a nick in there... He's been smokin' and smokin' and resinatin' that bitch... Made for some crazy weed...

    Anyone else ever try this? :D
  2. Yeah... I love resinated weed now.

    What...? No one else does this?
  3. I remember back in the day I had a little stealth pipe that was shaped as a zippo. Pretty cool little thing...wish I still had it. Neways, there was a chamber where you could put like a nick in and all the resin would just start collecting in that chamber. The weed would become all gooey and shit...pretty cool stuff.
  4. Heheh me and my friends one time I had about 10grams of some nice herb, well I ended up makin a godfather blunt that weighed 5.5grams weed only....We only smoked about 2grams of it....Well I unrolled it and smoked the weed the next one bowl and I was royally fucked....I dont like the smell tho,thats enough to make me vomit 4 real...But yah its pretty cool....I'd just rather have nice good smellin bud hehe=D...
  5. dude, this whole post has brought back such a good memory of smoking out about 8 months ago

    it was super chill

    i was super high
  6. nickle bag
  7. hehe but yeah lone that rez weed all black n shit... ever lick your fingers after packinga bowl of it?.... kinda tangy
  8. What if I don't have a chamber pipe. Can I put some shake or something in my glass piece so it coats the sides on the inside. Then dig it out and smoke it?
  9. yo iowapothead

    for sure scrape the resin out

    roll it in a ball,

    then smoke it

    its cool
  10. But if I leave the shake I put in there can I wait till it gets all gooey then scrape it out?
  11. You Know The monkey pipe,its sumwhere on this site..In novelty pipes...ANyway thats my pipe and ive had it for a while now...But i got my dremel and milled the chamber out a bit more...ANd i stuck some Little chunks of bud in there and squish it down a bit...ANd when im really hurtin for weed and dont have none..Ill scape my pipe,and when i open it up.there some rezin'y ass BUD.
    Usually i forget i had bud in the first place in its even better.

  12. You know, I was just thinking to myself (before I had gotten to reading your post), "You know, it'd be cool to stash some bud in there and forget about it. Then when you were scroungeing, you'd have this nice super-sticky resin-y bud that'd get you baked!"

    Great minds think alike... :)
  13. my very first pipe was a crappy $10 metal one and it had a chamber. So of course i packed it up with some weed forgot for about 5 months (by this time i had scraped my bowl about 20, 30 times). and opened it up.....there was no weed, all you could see was the resin. It tasted like crap but got ya hella blazed.

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