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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hackerslasher, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Ok. How am I supposed to salvage my resin so I can smoke it? Scraping it with a paper clip seems damaging
  2. What are you scraping? I've scraped countless pipes without breaking them.
  3. A paper clip works fine bro
  4. thats tar....
  5. Swiss army knife blade.
  6. [quote name='"weedmanca1i"']thats tar....[/quote]

    Mmmmmmm tarrrrrrrrrr
  7. Still plenty of THC.

    A paperclip works well, as would any small, stout object. I use one of those little metal hairclip things. You can also use a little piece of metal with one end bent 90 degrees. Shit, your fingernail would work if you absolutely had nothing at all.
  8. #8 fucking baked, Nov 26, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 26, 2011
    yeah paper clip.
    if the resin is hard, microwave a bowl of water till its hot, wrap a paper towel around it so you dont burn yourself when you carry it to your room. put your pipe in there till the waters not hot anymore. the resin will be gooey, flip a soda can over and put all of it in that little bowl lol

    the only reason i tell you to keep the pipe in there till the waters not hot is cause glass is weaker when its hot. so ya know. you can just take the pipe out of the water after a minute and wait for it to cool.
  9. Take a pair of scissors and pull the round end off of a bobby pin. It gives you a flat end to scrape with
  10. Yeah I did the ol alcohol and salt deal

  11. ???????

    And youre gonna smoke it?
  12. Yeah that's a method of cleaning a pipe of resin.. but I don't think the resin you get afterwards is smokable lol
  13. resin gets you high as fuck.. its concentrated weed, tastes like shit, but its still potent
  14. flip the bowl around and torch it with a lighter. itll loosen/heat it up and make it easy to scrape.
  15. I usually just scrape it out with scissors, but I have a bong and only scrape the downtown stem and bowl. If you have a pipe I'd just take dry hits through the Carb.
  16. Nauseous but blazed times with resin
  17. Na I'm not smoking anything that I chemically removed
  18. LOL, I used to do the whole resin shtick myself. Trust me its not worth it. The high doesn't feel near as good and I usually ended up getting a headache, plus it tasted like shit. The last time I did it I managed to scrape a huge bowl, packed it in and started smoking. That shit got really unappealing once I noticed how it bubbles on the top while your holding the lighter, ugh makes me think of heroin or some shit, no bueno papi.
  19. Heres an idea, I don't know a lot about iso hash but what if you cleaned your piece using rubbing alcohol and afterward dump all the contents onto some sort of stove or whatever heated the resin until all of the alcohol evaporated. Wouldn't you be left with hash??

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