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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IceCreamKidd, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. Allright this may seem daft, but someone asked me what resin was and I found myself lacking an answer. What is resin? I hear about people cooking with it. Smoking it when there desperate etc.



  2. you see that black stuff in your bong, or bowl? thats resin. it feels kinda like tar is is sticky.
  3. Allright. Now how do you get it out and like into something else.?

    hope im not being naieve
  4. devise a tool and scrape it.a pipe tool will work, or use a pocket screwdriver and flatten the end. :smoking:
  5. Theres also resinated weed, which is made using a chamber pipe....
  6. You have to use a blunt object to remove the resin, a screwdriver does wonders. After collection, roll into a ball, put weed on the bottom of your bowl, next put in the resin ball and then more weed. fire the bowl and your off. Resin is pure THC and results from to high of heat when you burn your weed. Scrape it and get an added high
  7. yeah, resin is what i get high off of when im out. Heres another good way to gt out the resin. put your bowl or whatever in a pot w/ water in it. boil the water, and the chunks of resin float to the top. just pour out the water through a strainer, and then dump the resin on a peice of paper, to let it dry. tajkes a few minutes though. or u c9ould just scrape it out. I used chop stix once i think.
  8. man this is crazy i just cleaned my pipe monday but before i put the 420 cleaner i got a paper clip and undid it so i now have a long wire, i went inside the pipe with it and started to scarp the insides of it and pulling out the resin. man i got a hung ass ball. so then i cleaned it. but man all that resin got me and my friends fucked up. its such i bad ass high
  9. you know what you you should do the first time you smoke resin? you should take a napkin, tissue, paper towel ext. put it over your mouth and the mouthpiece of your piece and look at everything that is going into your lungs. than make the decision if you want to smoke it or not after that. im not against resein at all i smoke it all the time and i love the high i would much rather have nice fresh bud tho but still look at how much tar is on that paper towl and think how much got past it than think of all that in your throat and lungs you will be amazed
    keep the fresh bud as much as possible and stay happy:hippie:
  10. I have this bow, has about 40 years of use to it, I've taken like 3 little bits of a bud, still got STONED off it, resin's amazing stuff man, people who say its gross are missin out big time, its like usin the weed twice
  11. Cooking and resin has to do with people who grow marijuana. That resin comes directly from the plant and is different from the resin left in pipes/bowls from smoking that people hit when they're out of weed.

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