Discussion in 'General' started by IL_Duce, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. if ur out of weed and u feel like smoking do u bother scrapping resin and smoking it or just wait til u can get some pot to smoke??

    today i really felt like getin high and couldnt get any pot so i smoked the resin outta my pipe and it was really nice actually, got me pretty high,
  2. I agree. Resin really is a great resort to getting high. Sometimes it seems it's more potent than the pot itself.

  3. of course it fucking is, 80% more potent..

  4. Where did you hear that?
  5. I never run out of weed.Always run out of milk though.Anyone selling a cow?

  7. No they usually go mohoho.Yours was a sheep.
  8. Yea i done this the other day, i got a good bowl out of it, i had only cleaned by pipe out a few days before so there wasn't loads of resin in it but a good bit, i got a few bowls out of it and was stoned.

    It's a great way to get stoned, you feel..yes i got stoned for free more or less today.

    Smoke the resin :hello:

  9. Christ, 80%?

    That seems rather high (no pun intended).
  10. lol second day in a row for me, and this time i was able to get more the yesterday, i love this :D not to mention it cleans out ur bowl alittle which is nice
  11. dindt mean to sound like a jackass..however.ive heard from a few different people that resin can be up to 80% more THC infused than reg bud.

  12. Well those people were wrong. You ever take like 5 hits of resin from a bowl before. Won't get you too stoned at all.

    edit: it does, in fact, have 80% more pocket lint in it though.
  13. Resin can get ya pretty high. I just smoked a bowl of it last night and it did a pretty good job on me (as usual). I've heard people say that it can only get you buzzed at most, but's that's some bullshit. If you have a decent sized ball, then it can get you ripped.

    Happy Tokin

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