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  1. So SWIM was at a friend's house smoking out of their bong, and this particular person does smoke rather a lot, and SWIM noticed a large buildup of resin inside their friend's bowl. SWIM cleaned out the bowl, but they wonder, can resin be used/recycled in any productive way? They shit is kinda covered in ash and nasty, but SWIM wonders if the resin is ever worth saving, thanks!
  2. Resin is nasty as shit, but some (desperate) folks do end up smoking it.
    We don't SWIM around these parts.
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  3. You can smoke resin, and I've used it as filler in things before, but it's nasty shit.
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  4. No life guard on duty.
    Resin can and will get you high. It tastes terrible and is difficult to smoke, much like wax it will liquify.

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  5. Thank you guys for the tips! I won't use swim in the future, thanks for letting me know!
  6. Don't smoke resin it's nasty, filthy stuff. Save up a few bucks and hit up your weedman. It's healthier, won't taste disgusting (and actually should taste good if you're getting worthwhile bud), will get you much higher, basically it's better in every way.
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  7. Resin is a last ditch fuck my life and all the bs in this shit stain of a universe option.

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    wtf is with the swim shit?
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  9. Resin work's very well if your in a situation where you must write HELP or SOS on the walls

    Or, waterproof your boat.


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