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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Valcurium, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Two part question

    1: Does anybody else scrape the res from their bong slide?

    2: Why do people frown on smoking res? It's free and sometimes it gets you higher than weed
  2. Some people think it doesn't get you high, which is not true.

    Other just don't like the smell or taste of it.

    I use res to get me through rough times
  3. 1. Yes, I scrape it and dry it out for a while, save it for a rainy day. When I am running low, I use less weed and sprinkle dried resin (has consistency like hash if it's been dried for weeks) on top, burns forever and stretches out my last bit of bud for a few days. Very rarely do I do this, but I will stick a paper clip in my slides when they get a bit gunky (in between cleanings) and scrape it into the dish I use to store it in. Every now and then I will do this, adds up fast.

    2. Weed snobs, and it is gross. It gives you a very heavy, stoney high that just kinda feels dirty. Some people get headaches (I never do, maybe water content is a factor?) from smoking pipe residue.

    And generally, when you mention the word resin, it just sets something off in people for no reason. So expect flames for posting this.

    Resin does contain large portion of terpenoids, the flavor/scent molecules in weed. Mycrene (found in mangos) is an example of a terpene, Limonene is also. And they are known for their sedative properties (in addition to smells, and taste) when ingested and smoked, along with their abilities to amplify the effects of THC, CBD, ect.

    So, resin ain't all that bad. That goopy, wet shit though is pretty groce, gotta admit.
  4. I have no problem smoking resin if I'm out of herb.

    That first resin hit always produces a thick cloud of smoke, too.
  5. been smokin resin all week. i dunno if it gets me higher than weed but certainly as high
  6. Lots of people smoke their rez.

    Tastes like junk, may not be the best for you but hell we breathe in a lot of shit just walking down a busy street.

    It'll get you high and can come in handy for the hard times. You may get a headache but no harm in experimenting. There are a hell of worse thing to smoke out there.
  7. gets you high as fuck, makes everything a mess.
  8. Uhmm no that shit is nasty as fuck, I rather take a tbreak. Have you ever wiped resin on your fingers that shit doesnt come off even with water.

    I dont see how anyone could smoke it, I cleaned my mini bong slide its just all black goop fucking nasty fucking nasty fucking nasty.
  9. #9 nissification42, Mar 29, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 29, 2012
    I think many people frown on smoking resin because it makes u seem like an addict. Instead of smoking that nasty looking, tasting, smelling, shit why not express some self control and take a little break from smoking until u can get more bud? I think that's the general argument most have.

    That being said yes I scrape the resin from my primary pipe once every few months then just save the resin ball for when I'm outta weed, lol.

    P.s. I believe the reason many people may experience headaches when smoking resin is due to inhaling so much butune. I usually hot knife resin and don't experience any headaches but I do ifuse my pipe.
  10. People who refuse to smoke resin because they think it's gross are stupid. I sometimes smoke res if I'm out of weed and I really need to get stoned. But refusing to smoke resin because you think it's gross or something is fuckin' retarded.
  11. I could easily say people who smoke resin are fucking stupid becasue their not smart enough to just take a break when their out? :rolleyes: I could say you stupid because you run out of weed.:rolleyes: I could say your stupid becasue your names zizzy.

    Dont think you should call people stupid for thinking resins gross because it is.
  12. smoke dat shit yo

  13. So you don't use soap? Obviously water isn't going to work. And if you think it's "fucking nasty fucking nasty fucking nasty" then why don't you clean your bong more often. And I'm positively sure if you just became dry from smoking a whole straight month you would smoke resin. :smoke:
  14. I have and it does nothing for me, the high is harsh the smoke is nasty. Get in on anything and your screwed. Its just pointless unless your really fiendin to smoke you just gotta scrape that pipe.

    Come on guys :rolleyes: Dont smoke that nasty shit.

  15. People like smoking it. How are they hurting you? :confused::confused::confused:

    Why do we have to stop smoking it because your opinion differs? We're allowed our own opinions, tastes, and interests last I checked.
  16. Lol soap doesnt get that shit off either are you kidding? I have to use acetone. And my bong is clean I was refurring to one of my many other bongs I have. And I doubt that will ever happen sense im opening up a collective in the next couple months. And no I wouldnt smoke it :smoke:
  17. I used to run alcohol through it into a dish and burn off/ evaporate the alcohol. Left huge amounts of resin. Desperate times though
  18. wtf no ones telling you to stop I just said dont smoke that shit. You dont have to listen to me.
    DONT FUCKING START WITH ME AGIAN COOPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And your hurting me because while im blowing that chronic in the air your polluting it with black goop that smells like snookis anus and taste liek africa

  19. I just think it's stupid that they'll smoke one weed product and not the other, and judge other people for it. Smoke is smoke.

  20. Do you know how to wash your hands? Do you have kitchen towels in your establishment? Are you handicapped? referring*
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