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Resin Clogging Filters in Cold Weather?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HoldItIn, Jan 26, 2014.

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    It seems that in the winter more than any other time the notecard filters I put in my spliffs start getting clogged with resin after only a couple of hits, and then it's almost impossible to get any good hits after this happens. Anyone else get this?
    My first inclination is to blame the cold, but I thought of several things which could be coming in to play here.
    Potential Contributing Factors:
    How sticky is your icky? - Naturally some weed is more resinous than others.
    Was the filter too small/tight to begin with? - Making the filter sufficiently large enough should prevent this phenomena, at the cost of enduring more scooby-snacks. Theoretically there's a perfect size to account for both problems efficiently.
    At what angle do you hold the spliff/joint while lit? - The resin is drawn to the filter from the tip, it could be caused by the suction of your hit, rising heat from a tip placed lower than the filter, pooling heat from a tip placed evenly with the filter, or gravity from a tip raised higher than the filter.
    How exposed to the elements where you? - A perfectly rolled joint smoked on a windy beach will not burn the same as it would in a tool shed.
    If it was a spliff, what was the ratio? - Ratio of weed to tobacco, i.e. 50/50, 80/20, etc.
    What was the temperature/humidity/wind speed? - Lastly, my first suspicion, cold air surrounding your smoke may be keeping the material cool enough that it does not burn as effectively as it should, and some of the material that would normally burn off becomes resin instead. Humidity and wind speed would make a difference too I suspect.

    I thought if no one knew for sure we could conduct some "experiments" for science, and then compare notes.  :bongin:
    This just happened to me outside with a 70/30 spliff, it's 36 degrees Fahrenheit with 67% humidity and 3 mph wind speed. I was exposed on all sides except my rear (I was smoking outside my front door). On a scale of 1 to 5 my bud was about a 3.7 on the sticky side. The filter was on the small side, and I held it mostly even or with the tip below the filter. Put it out halfway through and swapped out the filter for another, worked fine after that.
  2. Wow you put a lot of thought into how a joint could possibly be clogged lol. You must have been high :p
  3. hahhaah so much thought

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  4. you're a spliff filter scientist it seems

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  5. Damn dude, I've never been someone to use filters when I roll personally. I don't really see the point, they usually don't help the joint when I see others do it. Called a crutch for a reason eh? -_-

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