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  1. I just got an email from Attitude saying these seeds were back in stock. I don't even remember how long ago I asked to be notified, but it was a long time ago LOL.

    Anyone know how close this actually comes to real OG Kush when grown out?

    thanks in advance :)

  2. Ive grown out the OG #18, a select cut of OG Kush, and it was BOMB. Id say its real OG Kush b/c Reserva Privadas selection is Cali strains.
  3. i agree i have grown out the og18 and the og, these seeds are as close as you can get to a direct cut. i have just started their kandy kush :smoke:

  4. Which one do you prefer to grow OG18 or the OG?
  5. Wondering if your OG18 were feminized??
  6. The Kandy Kush is nice, you'll like it :) I had that in my last grow.
  7. The OG Kush and OG 18 had a very slight difference when smoked, I found the OG Kush had a little more couchlock than #18 which had more mind buzz to it.

  8. My last grow was the Kandy Kush, LSD,Violator Kush and Amnesia Lemon. Of the 4, Kandy Kush was the weakest stone, but still very good. The other 3 were very very nice. KK has the best yield by far and is well worth growing ... have fun.:smoke:
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    She's a tasty girl[​IMG][/url][/IMG]
  10. and again. Hey Nicky how long did u let ur Kandy Kush go?

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  11. Just ordered OG Kush... Very excited. I had a friend who grew it out and was very pleased. Also ordered some more ROCKLOCK! Wow... Best strain by far ive grown. Rock hard buds and covered in crystals. And massive yields also. I got it as a freebie and all I can say is wow. check it out :wave:

  12. I believe it was 9 weeks, could have gone a little longer I think. If I grew it again I would go a couple of more weeks. The trichs were still mainly clear to slightly cloudy.
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  13. i found the only real difference in the og and og 18 is the buds on the 18 get way bigger. but i will agree with 420report on his smoke report. i have been running everything 11 weeks:smoke:
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  14. that OG is not a "dead on" Kush, but you would have to be one hell of a Kush lover to notice, it is a A grade Kush in my book.
    Headband (sour kush) is back in too and I think you would love that one!!
    RP has a VERY good pool and I am sure the quality of thier lines is top notch.
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  15. Part of my problem is I only have room for three at a time, and when they grow out I'm wondering what to try next, and or should I bother with the freebies LOL. I want to try the OG Kush so I'll probably get one or two of the fem seeds, and see if I can find a grandaddy purp to go along with it, or maybe another white widow
  16. Fuckin' A, the OG Kush sold out!
  17. go for the Headband man, if they have it still......
  18. Will do, going to try the Cole Train as well :)
  19. I donr the coletrain and the sharksbreath both and was very happy, both are heavy producers too.......

  20. Cool, good to know bro :) I think I might need some more strawberry cough too LOLOLOL :) I am sooooo high on the strawberry cough right now :)

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