Reserva Privada OG Kush Feminized will be available from The Attitude

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  1. just thought id give you guys the heads up ive been waiting to try these

    18th May 2010
    Reserva Privada OG Kush is a must have for anyone who only accepts the best, we cannot state this enough, True connoisseur quality. Now the legends of legends is finally in cannabis seed form. The OG Kush was formally a clone only strain. She stretches a little in veg. but seems to fill herself out in flower. OG Kush has compact tight crystal covered buds. Flowering these cannabis seeds indoors can take between 8-9 weeks. You can get a good yield from OG Kush if you supercrop her while she's growing usually 400-500g/m2.
  2. Anyone have opinions on teh Reserva Privada line? Sounds pretty badass.
  3. i have never grown anything from them but i only hear good things about reserva privada and dna genetics
  4. im ordering my og kush seeds right now!!!!!!!
  5. reserva privada has the og kush and the og kush #18, which is danker?
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    18 get 18..from what I read it's more soury...I like my OG kush like I like my ladies :devious::cool:;)

    I really wish I could order these...Somebody wanna give me 80 bucks??? I take paypal they'll be all gone by the time I can afford it. Fuck my $11/hour job fuck it all to hell
  7. i was thinkin the number 18 too lol
  8. TOKIN!!!! WE HAD THIS TALK THIS MORNING! NO MORE! LOL! Go for it bro Im broke as hell from all my purchases and I would do it too if I could! Damn well I got the romulan from next gen and their purple d so we can compare notes! Yo if you order youll get that bubba kush!
  9. hahaha i know redeye!!!!! just one more time tho lol. i swear this stuff is like crack hahaha. besides ive been trying to get a hold of these seeds FOREVER. yea i wanna grow taht bubba kush out cuz i need some indica in my mix
  10. grrr..only available in f@#king fems.....

  11. LMFAO, I hear that brother!
  12. i just ordered some. dont forget to enter 420 as a voucher code it take 10%off. only thing that sucks is i am already getting those freebies with and order i just placed to get their free auto's:confused_2:
  13. haha GH you're supposed to be anti-attitude aren't ya??....broke down for some OG Kush huh...I'm thinking about wingin it and just spendin the money
  14. yes i am anti attitude but i am also a hypocrite and order shit from them when they get something before someone else:p
  15. I knew it :smoking:
  16. well i love my og kush that i got gifted a clone but i would like to try it from seed right now we got the og 18 germing right now so i am so stoked to run them when we sex the free 3 pack

    dna have amazing genes i have loved the results i have goten from my kandy kush
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    I guess this works if you are not able to get the clone. I have reserva's Kandy Kush and while it is good it has nothing on the clone out here.
    Oh and I will never buy femmed seeds again.

    80 bucks for 6 seeds are you feakin kidding me, that is out of line the shit ain't that good
  18. grasshumper, which og kush seeds did you order? i got me the #18 lol
  19. i ordered the original OG had it in cali it cant be fucked with:smoking:
    oh and i will never buy reg seeds again:p
  20. the original og kush comes from lake tahoe

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