Research paper on Marijuana

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  1. Hey, guys I have been reading up a lot on marijuana recently and I'm very much interested in reading some of your paper! I remember writing a paper on legalization of marijuana in high school and I think I'm going to write another one for one of my college classes! COMMON I KNOW SOME OF YOU WROTE ONE ! you guys can send it to me at
  2. i actually wrote one too for english haha but i threw it out at the school so my rents didnt read it lolgot a 98 tho
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    Do your own home work and get out of here with that rollitup shit.
  4. Shouldn't we discuss pricing first...Shit, ain't gettin' a damn thing from my ass 'til I see some paper.:cool:
  5. I wrote one for a criminal justice class in college.

    Although I'm not dumb enough to send it to you so you can just play it off as yours.

  6. How about me? sounds interesting to read a college-level pro marijuana paper. Honestly though.

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