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Rescued from Yahooka.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. I had to go save this magnificent tome from the ravages of Yahooka. Did'nt want to have to type again some day. May it live long in the City!

    Back during the college years a friend came into town to pick me up and take me down to Norman Ok. to help him move back from OU(college football champs 2000!) for the summer. This particular friend of mine was quiet the ol' acid head, so about the time we got out of town he asked me if I wanted to trip. Headin to a college town for the weekend, I said YES! We got thru Tulsa and decided to take old Rt.66 instead of the turnpike, cause the turnpike is one long straight run and boring as hell. I've heard it said Rt.66 is like a happy man walking. It meanders back and forth, and I don't think they cut down a single tree, went around all of them!
    Outside of Tulsa to the west, the dirt turns red and stays that way across the state. It was early afternoon and the sun was shining in our eyes as we headed west into red earth country. I started to feel the buzz happenin and all of a sudden, all that red earth turned turquoise blue!"Whoa! This is some pretty good shit" I said. "Yeah, it's 4 way." he said. "Excuse me" I said. "Are you telling me that I took 4 hits of acid?" "More like 5 1/2." he said.
    Now, I was always pretty much a 1 hit kinda guy when I was doin acid and I started to get pissed, but that's not a thing to do while trippin, so I just kicked back and held on for the ride!
    After awhile the only think I could think of was how bad I had to piss! We had just came out of this little town and we saw a little roadside honky tonk so we pulled in. Imagine two long hairs, trippin their asses off,wearin a zig zag rollin papers shirt, walking into redneck heaven! But I had to pee bad! When we got inside, it was like an old folks home with beer! I kinda nodded and headed to the john. When I came out, my buddy had bought us a beer and was talkin to this ol' gal. So bein sociable I got to talkin to her husband, started tellin jokes, and played shuffleboard and whipped everybody in the joint! It was incredible cause them folks know their shuffleboard! But I was about two universes away from reality, but just havin a blast! We turned down 2 offers to be adopted, got a 6 pack for the road and set off again.
    Just about the time we cracked open a beer we came around a corner, and State Troopers had set up a roadblock to check tags, license, and generally catch people like us.
    We were about 4 cars back so we barely had time to get the roaches and beer outta site.I was on the brink of a complete freakout! But my buddy stayed cool and handled it great, so we got away. The after-effect of the freakout was again a terrible need to piss! So he turned down a gravel road and pulled over. I got out, but I was trippin so hard I could'nt piss!!! Gave up after about 5 min. and got back in the truck. We rode a while, and all I could think about was how bad I had to pee! He pulled over again a little while later, but with the same results. This went on for about 80 miles. We were about to get to the outskirts of Okla. City when I told him to try one more time before we got on the turnpike. He hit another gravel road and followed it till we came to a three way "Y" insection, one way was paved and we were on gravel. It looked fairly deserted, so I got out again and went into a kind of Zen pee trance so I could finally remember how to pee again! I had just barely got a trickle goin(sorry if I'm bein gross) and I looked up and 2 old bluehaired ladies went drivin by, staring at me standing there, in a zen trance, with Mr.Happy in my hand!!
    I started laughin, and as I started laughin, I started peeing! The more I laughed the more I peed, the more I peed the more I laughed! It also helped that about 4 other cars went by, 2 honked and waved. There was no way I was gonna cut that one off and go to the other side of the truck, so I just stood and waved and laughed and peed!
    The relief was so overwhelming I laughed the rest of the way to Norman!
    It was 2 days for I finally came down enough to sleep. Met alot of people, and partyed all over Norman and Okla. City, but nothin compared to the "Trip" down Rt. 66!!!!!!!!

    Good times, good times.
  2. lol, that sounds like you had a good time...glad to hear the cops didnt bust you!
  3. The good ol days.

    Close calls and good times!
  4. sounds good
  5. hehe, fuck the police...fuck fuck...

  6. good story, sounds like a blast.

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