Required Online Alcohol Education for Incoming College Students WILL Make You Stupid.

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    So... last night I got an e-mail from the college I'm starting at next week. They have a policy about alcohol education that makes it mandatory for every incoming freshman/transfer student to take an online course that entails taking a pre-quiz, reading through some information about alcohol safety, and then re-taking the quiz to ensure that the material has sunk in.

    I took the quiz last night because it said failure to do so would result in certain 'blocks' which I'm assuming has to do with registration, getting a school ID/library card, that kinda stuff... Anyways-- you have to score a 75% or better to pass.

    I took the pre-quiz and scored an 85%... read through all the tedious information they had to give. ("FACT: Alcohol is dangerous. Limit your consumption. Don't get raped. Don't drive... DUH.") Re-took the quiz and scored an 80%.

    FACT:...Alcohol Education will make you stupider.

    Less important fact: I actually think alcohol education is really important. I just wish there wasn't a similar test regarding herb on that same website and saying equally damning things. I think weed is WAY more harmless than alcohol. There are too many idiots who will get into too much trouble this year and every year because they have no common sense when it comes to having a good time. I don't understand that mentality of yeeeeeah, drink till you vomit! Drink till you want to start a fight!.. "Ahhh, tonite's gonna be so much fun! I hope I finish it with my head in the toilet and condom hanging out of my butt."

    Oh, and the website is I dunno if you can access it without a username and password from school. Stupid..stupid..stupid.. just 'cause it's really not relevant to me! Viva la hierba.
  2. even if that test saves 1 life, its worth it
  3. Are you Canadian by any chance? I would love to know which college as well. It would be something interesting to write about.
  4. It appears you need to be going to a member college. Here's a neat somethin' though;

    The 'drugs' section of the site is sponsored and funded by : Endo Pharmaceuticals, King Pharmaceuticals, and Shire (ADHD Med Peddlers)


    Really people, when are we going to stand up to complete and utter piece of shit rich big pharma bastards shoving their moneygrubbing worldview down the throats of the masses?
  5. It's an insurance issue for the school, likely.

    They participate, require all students to take it, and save tons of $$ on their liability insurance for instances of students getting drunk and deciding to play dodge the traffic.
  6. I had to take one when I first got to MU...they call it Alcohol Edu. So between that, and the 10hr class I took for my MIP I'm practically an expert.
  7. in my freshman year they send random emails to freshman to take online alcohol surveys, and for the series of three they paid us a total of 135 dollars haha. it was awesome. spent it all on booze and weed.

  8. good observation. also note that it was created by NIH (the US government that is). it's only natural that the two team up and throw a few lies in there about MJ.
  9. I can understand the alcohol edu stuff and i respect schools giving those out (you can die from alcohol, even though i enjoy it) but when they toss stuff in about weed being as dangerous i get pretty upset. i mean it's total lies and some actually smart people (usually the goodie goodies) are completly duped by it because all they want to do is follow the rules. so even though they can score a 100 on an advanced math test they still seem ignorant and sometimes outright stupid in my eyes. i mean how many times can you see actual scientific studies that prove that it's not bad for you and still agree with above the influences shit when they are full of shit and they know it.

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