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ReppinAtl's Photos

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by RepinAtl, May 19, 2010.

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    This is my first time starting a thread. I like to travel, take pictures, and smoke. So here are some pictures of some places I like to go and some bud I like to smoke and other random pictures. Spark a bowl and enjoy.

    Pic 1: A couple of Miller Lites sitting on my record player 311 Flavors album from Japan it's cool kuz all the songs on the back are in Japanese.
    Pics 2 and 3: Some bud I took to a 311 show last summer I can't remember the name I'm not really into that. But I'll try to start asking.

    I tried putting more up but they failed. I'll try again.

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  2. Ok here are some more nugs. All the same strain I wanna say it was green crack but don't quote me on that. Burn one and Enjoy. :smoke:

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  3. looks like some good mids.:cool:
  4. Does it? Kuz it didn't get me high like mids or taste like mids. Maybe it's the camera I really don't know how to take pictures of bud. Never been happy with what comes out. Thanks for being a hater tho. Haha can't get me down.
  5. Those pictures show nothing but dank ass headies, +rep. No idea what Invisible is talking about... (good mids?, eh don't think so).
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    Here are some more nugs but first some other stuff. Enjoy
    Pic 1: Sunset in Florida.
    Pic 2: Another one of the sun going down with a water way.
    Pic 3: Cool shadow picture I took last time I was up in the mountains.
    Pic 4: Headband this bud is almost too strong I was smoking a joint with my sisters boyfriend and it was so strong I couldn't finish the j. Really nice head high. I love it!
    Pic 5: Headband
    Pic 6: One of my bowls.

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  7. Thanks man I thought I was going crazy or something. Too :smoke:
  8. Lol bro i was being sarcastic. it's some good looking bud.
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    Thanks. Anyone know how to take better pictures of bud with a Nikon D60? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
  10. Well I was going to give a picture update but for some reason every time I try and upload it says that I am missing a security token or some shit. So I'm gonna smoke another bowl and try again in a minute.
  11. looks like some heads to me :smoke:

    yeah i can never take good pictures with my camera :/ and i have an olympus E-410
  12. if it has a macro setting, turn that on then start zooming in there is usually an indication when it hits its form of "macro zoom" and then you should be able to focus on the foreground of the pics from like half an inch instead of it trying to focus the background and foreground

    EDIT: right the reason i scope this haha, those nugs are dank man smoke on!
  13. hmm i should probly try that when im not already lit.
  14. hahaha yea, the macro symbol is usually a little flower....cause peeps use it to take pics of flowers.... i guess.... weeds way more epic tho, your camera is better than mine and my pickup thread has some pretty decent macro's but then some are
  15. Thanks for the love on the buds y'all.

    As for the camera the one I have has a flower setting on it and I'll try that when I get my camera back from my parents. Shouldn't have lent it to them kuz I really want it now. But I'm not sure if that will work because the camera I have is a DSLR and I think that if I want macro pictures then I am going to have to get a macro lens and those are like 500 bucks and I don't really want to drop that kinda cash for a one use lens. Ya know?

    Tried uploading still not working.
  16. its s digital SLR man, it can digitally do it...haha *this statement is completely false i have no clue as to its ability to do anything like that cause....well...when i worked at circuit city....there was a reason i wasnt allowed to sell the cameras hahaha mainly, i know NOTHING about the function*
  17. Pic 1: Really cool picture that I took at a Falcons game. His dreads look nuts.

    Also does anyone know how to resize pictures on iPhoto? I thought you clicked on share then export but I can't seem to find it. Too blazed. Thanks.

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  18. Haha that made me lol.
  19. I'm bored chillin at the house with out my D60 kuz of the rents so I decided to break out the old camera it's digital but was bought back in like '99 so it's kind of a piece of shit. Haha enjoy :smoke:

    Pic 1: A pic of my grinder and some bowls and some bud.
    Pic 2: Some bud I'm smokin on. No name fire. Really nice body high smoked at lunch and went back and sat down and couldn't feel my legs. Haha good times.
    Pic 3: My grinder it's unique not everyone likes it and it has a shit ton of resin in it now she need to take a bath. Ha
    Pic 4: The river up in the mountains taken with the good camera.

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  20. woah that grinder is nuts man

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