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  1. Hello once again, I'm sorry if this has been answered already, I'm Still figuring the site out. My plant seems like the soil is hard packed...I didn't put in any perlite... I am thinking of reporting it so it can drain properly... I seem to have overwatering and Mg defient problems... Is this a good idea?
  2. If you think you have soil issues re-potting is definitely a good idea. Fox Farm Ocean Forest is a great soil to use. Or, use Coco and add nutes yourself!
  3. Some pics

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  4. Is coco available in nurserys... I'm really new to this
  5. After looking at the pictures, I wouldn't re-pot them. It looks more like you are nutrient deficient. What nutrients are you giving the plants and how often? What is your pH?

    It looks like you need to start increasing your dosage.
  6. Repotting it can cause high stress and possibly Hermi the plant. But if your having problems with drainage then you don't really have much of an option.
  7. I was not giving any nutes, just what was in the soil and compost... Been watering now with Epson salts on the water and miracle gro tomato food
  8. I had posted a thread on Friday... Was told it looked like Mg defiency, I try to aerate the soil every day... Noticed it gets progresively more packed and I get no more run off any more... Ughh well its a bagseed bit I love the little thing... Who knew this was so addictive so quickly LOL
  9. What is the rating on the soil you added? There should be an N-P-K rating on the bag. Will be three numbers.

    Youre adding epson salt to your water? I dont understand? Also miracle grow is notorious for its slow release fertilizer which can cause many issues with over feeding leading to nutrient lock out.

    Id recommend using a different fertilizer. Personally, I have been using coco and CNS17 grow, bloom and ripe for a couple of years now.

    However, for the short term let me know the rating on the soil bag and we can troubleshoot further. Your best bet may be to just use water until you get some better nutrients. General Hydroponics makes some pretty decent and affordable nutrients as well as Botanicare.
  10. Was told that 4 teaspoons of epsoms salt per gallon would fix the Mg problem...
  11. Oh sorry, I must have missed the Mg deficiency you commented about. That will fix one problem but most likely more than one element is missing. Its far easier to get a well rounded soil, or use coco and provide all of the nutes yourself as you are doing.

    Id get some Botanicare or GH as mentioned above.
  12. The bag says .15 N .05 P .10 K does that help ?
  13. And the compost is .5 for all three
  14. Ok will definately go tomorrow and look for that at my local nursery, now about my soil with no run off? Repot or leave as Is I'm getting 0 run off
  15. Oh sorry I haven't thanked you yet, u guys are lifesavers on this forum
  16. 0 run off after how much watering? If you put one cup of water in a 5 gallon bucket, of course you wont get any run off :).

    Is the problem that the soil wont absorb the water, or that you arent getting any to come out of the bottom? If the soil / coco is not soaking up the water, transplant. If you arent getting any run off, but the soil is soaking up the water fine, then you arent watering enough to get run off, or you dont have enough opening in the bottom of your pot to allow water to run off.
  17. I'm soaking it... The top turns to mud.. and nothing comes out of the bottom... I didn't use pearlite when I first potted... I definately should have read up more and not just talked to my buddies, I have a gardener friend but now I see how different and particular mj is... It's the first grow and its def a learning experience, not discouraged... Plenty of bagseeds to go through till I get it right... Then onto bigger and better seeds ;)
  18. Ohh its in a three gallon flower pot with a few large drainage holes... It use to drain out of the bottom... I water maybe 1/8 to 1/4 gallon of distilled water from wally world
  19. Might as well replace it if you have the money. Botanicare has a perlite & coco mix you can buy done for you. I recommend it! Good luck.

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