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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by purp_kush, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Okay here's the repost not linking to facebook, sry about that

    so the dimensions of the box once again:
    23.5 inches high/29.5 if i take out the bottom piece of wood
    17 inches across

    is this sufficient for a grow box for 2-3 plants?

  2. how deep does the box go back? if its around 15-20 inches i say you can manage 1 lst plant no problem, or 2 minorly lst plants as long as you only veg them for about a month. then go to flower.
  3. Yeah it goes back 15 inches
    should i take out the middle board that divides the two sections so that i can fit more in there?
  4. the foil is temporary, i also took out the clothes hanger wooden dowel for more room

    i have:
    six cfls ( i need housing)
    light timer ( will a christmas light timer work? )
    potting cups

    thnx again
  5. i dont think that is high enough. i have 3 plants right npow in a box that is 40in high and i am almost out of room. you need atleat 36in for the plants to grow then you need to add in 9 or so for the hight of the pot and then 6 or 7 above the plant to hang lights. the add the 4in or so space between the plant as well. 29 will make a good veg box but you might want to look at something taller for flowering. also the smaller the area the more heat build up you get faster.just something to think about
  6. do 1 scrog plant and veg a verrry short time and you will get a pretty nice yield dont veg for a month, they would probably be to big by end of flowering for your space if you do grow 3 then you can try vegging for maybe a week and then switch to flowerin and get yourself some nice colas :)
  7. i got 6 "philips daylight 27 w cfl"
    they are the medium base ones
    are these good enough?
  8. yeah man that looks like a sufficient grox box. my dimensions are 24"L 10"W 36"H and i can fit 4 plants in their with ease
  9. Update:
    box is taking shape, how is it looking so far??
    i am extremely new to this so any feedback is good

    i am getting two computer fans shortly, intake on the bottom outtake on the top??

  10. Try too find a way to mount up all the ligths and then it will be good, whats the temps getting like? is it vented at all?
  11. yeah i am going to hang the lights off the wooden down at the top of the box
    i havent put any fans in the box yet i need a jigsaw

    i am germinating "blue mountain jamaican" for my first grow from the van seed bank
  12. i did a similar grow, small area. check out the link in my signature, as i had basically all the same features in my grow (small area, cfls, 1-2 plants, etc)

    the only things i would change thus far in your box are take down the foil (however temp is it) and just hang up white sheets of paper. buy a poster board and cut it up and put shiny side out, or get an emergency camping blanket and line the cab with it (its essentially mylar, and about $2). last, get some sort of small fan to blow around in there, however you do it, you should defintely try to get some sort of air movement going. I had a small fan that ran a few hrs a day while i was gone.

    ill be watching this grow, so good luck!
  13. moving along nicely>>

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