Report: Private prison companies boost incarceration rates for profit

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    Gee well isnt that grand?

    this is not new news apparently Sat Jun 25, 2011 at 03:45 PM PDT

    Daily Kos: Report: Private prison companies boost incarceration rates for profit - StumbleUpon

    I dont want to live on this planet anymore..
  2. I think America contains 25% of the worlds prison population
  3. yet we have only 5% of the worlds population.

  4. Yeah. I read a very good excerpt in Tom Woods book: Rollback, about our prison system and incarceration rate, and the drug war....very good read if your interested in purchasing it..
  5. ^before its made illegal and labeled danger to national security blah blah
  6. Already knew this, but yea it's fucked up. Shows how insane our "judicial" system is. It's things like this that make me wonder, though. I mean, this, and many other similar things, are well known fact to me. They seem as if they are common knowledge. And yet, how few people actually know about this sort of stuff, in reality? If they did know, would they really care?

  7. I think the reasons for this are two fold. One is because of our out dated drug laws, and two a lot of other country's just kill you if you are a criminal. I think it is Thailand where they will execute you for drug possession (maybe its Singapore?)
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    Interesting facts, but that guys a total douche.

    It's funny he'll sit there and bitch and moan about how drug criminalization is to blame, but then he's so anti-Ron Paul. It's like cutting your hand off because you got a splinter on your finger.
  9. look how efficient the free market is. lets just eliminate federal and state prisons and replace them with the free market for profit alternative...
  10. You realize these private for profit prisons are imprisoning people on charges of violating GOVERNMENT laws, right? Therefore to compare it to the free market is...well, completely nonsensical.

  11. lol. here we go another "anarcho-capitalist." you're like a starburst a solid and juicy, a contradiction. two things that are the opposite of each other.
  12. Herp derp U'r noreal anarchist because u don't support state intervention in the market, derp:rolleyes:.
  13. lol, i only support that in any form of a capitalist society... its necessary so the people wont be exploited their entire lives... im an anarchist at heart but anarchy will never happen in america... im being a realist... the state exists to defend property. property doesnt exist in anarchy...
  14. can you guys get a room together and stop hijacking ma thread

  15. Similiar to what I wanted to post, you ninja.

    yet do you realize that they have lobbiest that are pushing for lengthier sentences and harsher enforcement.

    It is a very good example of the dangers of irresponsible, immoral free business practices and illustrates the inherent dangers of unregulated markets. Regulations should only be in the form of safeguards. :smoke:

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