Report: Marijuana causes brain damage

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  1. Researcher: "We don't know if the changes are irreversible...These differences are linked to memory impairment and concentration."

    Writer: "Australian scientists have proved the long-held suspicion that persistent heavy marijuana use damages the brain's memory and learning capacity."

    So what did they prove again? Like anything, nothing can be PROVEN in one goddamn study! Fuckin writers need to understand science. And how to read a scientific journal for gods sake. This is nothing more than propaganda...telling one-sided half-truths to convey the message that they want. Ignorance and/or poor journalism at its finest.

    No citations, no link to the study or the other studies that they mentioned. I'm gonna not-so-reluctantly call bull shit on this one.
  2. First of all.. the number one rule of science is... Nothing can ever be proven... duh
  3. Cannabis sure has affected my brain: It has made me more creative, less stressed out over minor things, and insusceptible to bullshit, like this study.
  4. I think their tests were probably flawed - Their patients probably had all consumed cannabis very recently... On several occasions ive smoked pretty much all day every day for a number of years - Ill admit this isnt particularly healthy and my memory and concentration did deteriorate significantly - when i stop, my cognitive abilities are reduced for around 2 weeks - I play alot of memory games anyway and do kind of monitor the situation. The study itself doesnt investigate whether the damage is 'irreversible' - after around 2 weeks of abstinence my memory and concentration are higher than family members who have never smoked and i feel as sharp as i ever did :) besides, I stumbled across this thread earlier - i think elements of this would mitigate any worries you might have:
  5. Report: Ignorance causes brain damage :)
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  7. Im offended by this article...but I can't seem to remember why :rolleyes:
  8. Niece is in pre-med, has access to all university and medical publications...and can't find the 'study' anywhere...'s as scientific as the schizo 'study' that claims pot makes you go crazy (right out of the Anslinger Bible)
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  10. Neither can I... But the ignorant masses will still buy into it, which makes it "official", ya know?
  11. Another good reason for legalization, teens wouldn't have such easy access, as you would have to be of legal age to buy and use mj.....

  12. Seems like another journalist is releasing a premature article to get the "news" out there first, before it's even been scientifically reviewed and published. :mad:

  13. Damn, didn't even think of that.

    Anti-mj people will use this to keep it illegal (even though Granny's list has an article headline "Marijuana reverses brain damage caused by alcohol" or something along those lines)

  14. no, but it still pisses me the fuck off :mad: :p
  15. "Melbourne's Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI)"

    can we please get a reputable and adult research institute for this?

    obviously that "institiute" is bullshit, and lying so kids dont smoke the evil reefer!
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    Found some info.

    Adolescents most at risk of brain damage from long term, heavy cannabis use
    Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
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    I think I found it

    Effect of long-term cannabis use on axonal fibre connectivity

    Oxford University Press

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