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"Replays" when high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JayHayz, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. ok so when I'm high, sometimes i can replay noises or feelings. Its really hard to explain. but like if someone says something then i can replay it in my head and it sounds funny. does this happen to anyone else?

    ps i am under the influence of maryjewana so bear with me.:wave:
  2. ik exactly what ur talking about and yes it does happen and its awesome:D
  3. and nice quote by the way
  4. ya mayne. nice avatar;)

    i also like opening closed doors too. its fun. for some reason. idk why

  5. Lol, do you like closing opened doors also?
  6. hahaa um no homo or sumthin.*facepalm*
    just get high and open a closed door.:laughing:
  7. I think I know what you mean, but I only replay everything I say. And it always sounds like I'm saying it wrong either mumbling, yelling, wispering, etc..
  8. Ha, yeah. A lot of the time I won't really hear what someone says, but I'll replay the sound of what they said, er, how it sounded when they said it, or whatever, a lot, until it gets really weird.

    When you mentioned doors...I IMMEDIATELY thought of this clip from Awesome Show.

    [ame=]YouTube - Kai Opens a Door with a Katana[/ame]

    The first time I saw that episode blazed, this part messed with me a lot. :smoking:

  9. lol. from fail to success. but like the door thing. I don't know its really hard to explain man. I'm so fuckern high right now
  10. hahaha i do that all the time !:laughing: To me,i see it as it's boring when there isn't sound,I LOVE breaking silence!:yay: like when i'm watching t.v with my family or friends,i like to put words in the people on t.vs mouths ,know what i mean?:smoking:
  11. Haha. When you said "replaying" noises, it made me think of this. Tell me this aint awesome! Im sitting here baked too replaying these noises.

    [ame=]YouTube - Little girls noise compiled in music. Best song ever made! AWESOME![/ame]

  12. that was kinda scary. i couldn't handle alssoo as in this altered state that i am experiencing, i see that my feet look farther from my head when i stand up. my whole body looks long.
  13. Don't really know what you guys are talking about... sometimes I have flashbacks while smoking...
  14. It was meant to be kinda creepy I think
  15. No way!! You thought it was creepy too?!?! boooop bopp boop boop boop
  16. I do things like this do. I'll think of a moment that happened in my head, and just start laughing, and everyone is like "What are you laughing at?" And I feel like an idiot.

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