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    Hi I'm looking to replace my evolution vaporizer and I am having a hard time finding one that is like it, can someone point me to one if you know of one please. A good friend of mine has cancer unfortunately and has registered in my state. He asked me to point him to a good one and I was gonna recommend my evo but I see Chris is not selling/making them anymore. So I'm either gonna give him mine, and replace mine or point him to volcano, unless someone can help me out with a good recommendation for him.

    Thank you.
  2. Welcome to City

    Sorry to hear about your friends situation. I am not experienced on concentrate vaporizers but you can check following Oil & Concentrate Vaporizers | Grasscity to see if anyone fits your style or budget
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  3. Thank you for your response, I'm looking for dry herb vape.
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  4. Thank you again much appreciated, looks nice but he needs a desktop digital one, would you or anyone know of a good one of those?

    this is the evo that I'm trying to find a replacement for

    I greatly appreciate your help, thank you.

    btw I'm new to the site, is the video I posted ok?
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  5. Thank you very much, I was looking at that and saw a few bad reviews for it. Do you own one?
  6. I am interested in any recommendations as well, I may go blow $300 USD at a local head shop... if I can find literally anything for flowers like this. My #1 cancer patient's lung cancer is back and very aggressive. I don't have a lot of time or money and just need to get him more medicated while we all spend time with him...

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  7. I don't know who would review the EQ in a negative way, but I can only say good things about mine. Versatility on top of everything. You can use it with whip, connect to a bubbler, with balloons attachment, you could also vape concentrates if you find the right way of doing so.
    The amount of flower I use to get where I want is just ridiculous. If you could get hold of ddave mod, it'll perform like a pro. Highly recommended

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  8. ilsasta Thank you for your response, are you saying that you feel like you have to use lot of flower to get where you want with the EQ?

    with my evo it takes very little, I'm not sure why no one is making something like the evo.

    The negative reviews I read on EQ are on other sites not sure if I can post a link to them here.

    Keep in mind my friend with cancer needs something efficient and easy to use with little upkeep, my evo basically has no upkeep.

    I am very thankful for everyone's response hopefully I can come to a conclusion here today or latest tomorrow, don't want to keep him waiting but don't want to just recommend anything either. You good folks are helping me move this along thank you so much. My friend also thanks all of you for helping a person with cancer in need, thank you all.

    I look forward to your response
  9. No I was meaning the exact opposite.
    I would like to specify that I'm a recreational user with little back pain to cope with, not so needed on the medical side, but helps.

    It may be easy to use, but if you can't have it always on a table, it's an hassle to put everything away every time you need to clear that space, as it has loads of components and glass parts, that may break easily if moved around.

    For the efficiency I've heard that Herbalizer is a beast if money isn't an issue, but unfortunately I can't afford such a kit. All medical grade glass path and connections, very efficient at extracting all the goods needed.

    I'm always pleased to help people in need, even though I'm still learning day by day.

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    Thank you for your response, I did come across the Herbalizer, looked great but was not sure how well it would work, that looks like a good replacement for evo.

    I think I'm gonna recommend the volcano, eq and Herbalizer to him and see which direction he wants to go.

    Thank you ilsasta and NorseMythology and Lizard King
    for your help and direction you guys have been great help to us, I hope your kindness is returned to you 1000 folds.
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