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  1. i just recently purchased a 2004 impala ss indy edition and i heard the pm has a speed limiter if i buy a reprogrammed one from 3800 performance how much would i be looking at for a mechanic to install it...
    also i know very little about cars what upgrades do you recommend for increasing horsepower

  2. Nice car, I want one.

    Anyway, they have limiters for a reason. If is limited to 150 mph and you do 170, remember the components aren't built for that.

    That means the engine, entire driveline, and chassis are being over stressed. You could also have a blowout if your tires aren't rated for increased speed.

    As for upgrades, do intake, headers, exhaust, and a smaller supercharger pulley. You'll be making good power for cheap.

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  3. ohhh so what brands of those upgrades do you recommend 
  4. Honestly I have no idea. I do know that some exhaust systems can make 3800s sound like absolute shit, so look up some reviews before you buy anything.

    Also, check out any of the forums dedicated to 3800 motors. I'm sure there are threads there specifically for exhaust systems.

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  5. Unless you're gonna boost that 3800 leave it alone man, you're gonna dump a ton of money into it and not be going fast at all. You bought a luxury sedan bud, not a sports car.
  6. It's already boosted, it's got the stock supercharger. He could be making around 300 hp without investing too much in mods. Granted, it's a FWD, do handling will be shit.
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  7. Ahh okay, didn't know they boosted impalas from fact; don't know the car all too well. I'm willing to bed you'd get more bang per buck going with an aftermarket torque converter and rearend; change the gear ratio up, read around as to what ratio benefits your car the most.
  8. If you haven't done it yet, change the supercharger oil. Not many people know you have to, but you do. Last time I checked (few years since I have) it was about $10 a bottle and I think I needed 3 bottles.
    A new pulley at this stage will only get you a blown engine. You need support mods first.
    Buy a ubend delete kit for the exhaust, or take it to an exhaust shop and have them do the delete.
    Intake (CAI doesn't matter as much as most people believe, just a bigger intake is all you need)
    I'm actually going to back that up, since I know how GC people are ;)
    And I'm kinda sick of writing, so....
  9. Weedandtubes is right, that man knows his 3800s haha.

    That goes for anything though, if you want to make more power you need to make sure your car can handle it first.

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    Sad day when I'm known for my knowledge of a v6 :/ lmao
    I've lurked gp forums for years, though. Also extensively looked into turboing my 3800 Firebird, so I've picked some stuff up along the way :p
    Edit: Fuck, man. I'm not liking OP right now. Got me seriously looking at a few GTP's now... I don't have money for this shit, but I'll end up doing it anyways :/ lmfao
    hahaha this is too funny.
    my cousin was just teasing me today for knowing so much about old bmw engines, mainly the m10 and m20's (four and six cylinders, respectively).
  12. so what mods should i do before i get a new pcm so it can handle the power boost
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    Dude, you don't need a new pcm. Buy a tuner, or have someone tune it. Don't get a new PCM, you don't need it. Only have it tuned after you've done some mods, don't bother doing it beforehand, when you mod, they're going to change how the car drives anyways.
    U bend delete, intake, port your supercharger, headers, then you can do a pulley drop. Only drop to 3.5 inches. You can risk 3.4 if you want, but a 3.5 will be 12 lbs of boost (at least on my car) and a 3.4 will be a risk. Now you can feel free to get a tune.
    If you wanna keep going at this point, it's not really bolt on shit. This point if you wanna keep going, you'll have to intercool, cam, rockers and all that fun stuff (that was sarcasm, it's not really fun at all. Well... Until you can drive it and pull consistent 11's-12's).  
    Read the thread safely modding your 3800 that I posted. Do everything listed in the typical maintenance.
    Edit: And a new PCM/ tune isn't just insta power boost. Only thing you can achieve is changing the parameters of your car.  A tune is a way to maximize mods, not just auto power.

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