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Replacing my Volcano bag

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by blchoo, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. hi all,

    i purchased the Volcano vape a few months back. i bought the classic version, not the digital. i opted for the solid valve set because that's the kind my buddy had, and therefore i was somewhat familiar with it.

    i got the box with what seemed like the works, and i kept it all together. over the course of vaping for months, as can be expected, my bag now has accumulated some wear and tear and isn't holding all the smoke in as well as it used to. obviously the next step is replacing the bag.

    looking back at what i kept, i have: the Volcano chamber itself, the grinder, all the instruction manuals, around 10' of extra bag, and the original bag as well as the original valve, pack piece, etc (what you smoke out of). i don't have ANY extra pieces except for 10' of extra bag.

    so, basically, where can i find all the pieces i need to make a new bag? i need everything. and are there any easy directions on how to make it? i have the step-by-step that Volcano sent, but was still wondering if there were any other easy ways out there.


  2. thanks for the response, but this is actually the one thing i don't need. i have the bag itself. it's plain plastic material. i'm looking for where i can acquire the ring/twist tie/whatever else the bag needs to be functional.
  3. By yourself an easy valve kit... or solid valve. It's your choice but I've had thee best experience with the easy valve. You should get a new bag too though. Those things get small tears after a while, especially if you fill until its taut.

    What happened to your solid valve though? Replacing it is not cheap. Generally, you want to keep the valve and toss the bag... I really hope you didn't toss the valve. :(

    Edit: I'm very confused... from what you said it sounds like you already have everything you need. More explanation please?
  4. Yeah dude... you've got everything you need already. Cut the open end of the bag down to size and attach the solid valve. If you've never done it it takes some fiddling but you'll get it eventually... I'm sure you're highly motivated to use it again. ;)
  5. im in the same situation, i just don't know how to close the end of the bag! 
  6. I used twisty ties that you get on bread bags and shit. It worked like a charm just tighten that bitch down real good and you'll be set. Happy vaping

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