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  1. I bloody love Dell's customer service.
    The fact that they don't know a hell of a lot means it is really easy to get them to give you a replacement laptop (after 3-4 failed on site services).

    Basically, I'm upgrading like this;

    Intel i5-480M @ 2.67GHz
    NVIDIA 420M 1gb Graphics
    500gb 7200rpm HDD
    Standard non-backlit keyboard


    Intel i7-2670QM 2.20GHz w Turbo to 3.1GHz
    NVIDIA 540M 2gb Graphics
    750gb 7200rpm HDD
    Backlit Keyboard

    So from dual core to quad core, bit of a boost in graphics card, well-welcomed HDD boost as I'm currently chewing up all of mine, and a backlit keyboard (they didn't offer it, but I asked for it, and they gave it! Easy)

    Factory new too, not refurb'd!

    Anyone else had madd luck like this with Dell?
  2. So did you do this just to scam them for a new laptop or was there actually something wrong with your current one? But anyway nice job. Should of asked for a 1tb hard drive though.

  3. Nah I had issues with mine, although most were fixed after the 4th service, they replaced anyways.

    nah, I currently use under 250gb, I use nothing, 1TB would be excessive for me.
  4. Nice! :D

    That's a great laptop you're gonna have there. Have fun with it!
    Gonna be playing a lot of games on it? Better be with that setup :laughing:

  5. To be quite frank, I don't play games :p
    My computer usage is pretty much chrome, with chat and iTunes.
    Occasionally I play games, but very rarely :p Who knows, that might change :smoke::smoke:

  6. Well then looks like you got yourself a nice 500$ Facebook machine :laughing:

  7. $1700 actually.. eek :p
    About $200 of which is free upgrades thrown in from Dell, used to only be $1500 :p

    At least my facebook has no lag? :D

  8. :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    1. Sell that bitch
    2. Buy 3-400$ NEW laptop
    3. ?????
    4. PROFIT.
  9. I would do what ispark said. You could easily make $1000 off it and still get what you need.
  10. I'm actually kinda swaying that way.
    What I currently have is an XPS 15.

    I love the high resolution (1080p hi-def), which I love for fitting lots of work on the screen at one time.

    I also love it as a "stoner" laptop. The great screen combined with amazing speakers it has (20W system, something like 2 6W speakers and a 8W sub or something.. built in!) - the sound is just amazing, so nice <3

    I do want the Asus UX31, but that's not a replacement for this - more an addition.
    I don't know, if I could somehow have both UX31 and XPS 15.. perfect.
  11. If you can TRUELY get 1500 for it then

    Get this laptop: - Acer Aspire AS5750-6634 Notebook Intel Core i5 2410M(2.30GHz) 15.6" 6GB Memory DDR3 1066 640GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super Multi Intel HD Graphics 3000

    But a laptop is a laptop, it isn't really meant for good speaker usage so you'll need to buy speakers - Logitech Z623 200 w 2.1 Speaker System, THX-Certified

    Both of these are about 800 when put together. Even if you could sell for like 1000 you'd still have 200 in your pocket.

  12. It costs $2,300 New Zealand brand new, so I can probably get $2000 for it, selling brand new on an auction site. That's a little over 1.5k USD.

    The one you linked to, it looks good. But resolution: "1366 x 768" = Nope.
    That's basically *half* the pixels I currently have, so half the amount of info on the screen. Sounds terrible to me :p

    And damn, if you heard these laptop speakers - you'd be impressed. I'm listening on 6% at the moment, and full volume is ludicrous. At time of buying at least, the XPS 15 had the best speakers in the laptop market - couldn't get better.

    And that's quite cool, have all my music and shit, wherever I am, without needing to cart around speakers/power supply for em.

    I'm pretty sure I want to keep the XPS, it's a bit chunky but it's pretty legendary. And then for portability I want the Asus UX31 - better get to work and earn a billion dollars for it >_<

  13. Well, I think you have the resolution mixed up a little. Resolution is the clarity of the screen, not how much you can see on the screen. You'll still see the same amount but the one you have now will be more clear.

    It sucks that you can't get an okay laptop with amazing speakers ;(

    Just depends on what you want. If the speakers are a deal breaker then just keep what you have. It will last a lot longer anyway.
  14. Resolution = amount of pixels, no?
    2 pixels can display twice as much as 1 pixel.
    For example, the GC forum takes up about HALF of my screen width, the white space on either side adds to about half the screen width.

    It sucks you can't get a good basic laptop with a good screen and good speakers. And hellyeah, this new laptop they're sending me should last for a loong time, for my style of use anyways.
  15. Resolution is how many pixels you crammed into the screen size. The size of the screen is what you're looking for. I'll try and show some examples.

    Here is Mario with low resolution:

    Here is Mario in high resolution:

    But yeah if you want to make sure you can fit a lot into your screen make sure it has a big screen. 15-16 inch is usually enough for the average guy
  16. At it's finest point though, let's say I'm viewing data as black and white.

    A 100 pixel screen can show 100 units of info (either white, or black)
    a 200 pixel screen can show 200 units of info (either white, or black)

    If I stretch those 200 pixels over a 17" screen, I'm not going to fit any more information than if I stretched them over a 3 inch screen. The pixel density just lessens as the screen is bigger.

    I want to fit more DATA on the screen, not more "size" on the screen.

    IE. A 17" screen with the same resolution as a 14" won't show any more info than the 14". For how much info it can display, it's all about resolution. (IE- if you want two webpages, side by side, on a single screen - 720p won't cut it)
  17. Okay well then here's an easy way to fix that.

    Right click on your desktop
    Display settings
    And a resolution bar should show up and you can adjust how you want everything to look.

    And yes you can have 2 pages on 720p, it just wont be as clear.
  18. That resolution bar is limited by the resolution of your monitor though.
    For example, I can put mine up to 1920 X 1080, but most people can't go that high due to their screen.

    Well yeah, you can fit 2 pages on 720p, but you won't be able to read them as well, as it doesn't display as much information as a 1080p.
    I like being able to fit two pages side by side, zoomed out and still sharp and clear.

    Bigger screen doesn't equal more information. Bigger screen simply means the pixels are more spaced out, so the screen is bigger. Higher screen resolution = MORE pixels = more information can be displayed = fit more on the screen.

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