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Reparing Those Lungs After Years Of Smoking.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by A Foxy Grandpa, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. For those like myself who smoke blunts and spliffs daily, taking a simple recommended dosage of omega-3 can help rebuild your lungs, and increase your cardiovascular proformance. Now i am an athlete who smokes daily an find myself running on a shortage of breath in the gym, might be the heavy ass squats i inflict on myself lol but adding a little omega-3 does not seem too hard.

    A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in fish, canola oil, and walnuts, can have anti-inflammatory effects and improve the exercise capacity for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

    For two years, Japanese researchers followed 32 patients with COPD on an omega-3 fatty acid-rich diet (treatment group) and 32 patients with COPD on a non-omega-3 fatty acid-rich diet (nontreatment group).

    Every three months, dyspnea scores, levels of inflammatory mediators, and exercise capacity were recorded. Overall, results showed that dyspnea scores and exercise capacity significantly improved and inflammatory mediators significantly decreased for patients in the treatment group, while there was no significant change in the nontreatment group.

    Foxy Grandpa.
  2. I would also reccomond MonaVie and all of that Acai Berry type of in that Omega stuff and Anti-Oxidants...

    I mostly vapourise but I'm sure there's some damage that's been done prior.
  3. oo thanks for the info
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    yea i fish a lot n eat fish a lot n it seems 2 help with my copd =\ had a puff of a cig when i was ......7? shit happens........ but ty 4 the tip :D
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    The body is an amazing machine that can repair a great deal of damage. Sobriety, eating right and aerobic exercises are a great way to repairing and restoring some lung function lost due to smoking. Particularly swimming which is commonly suggested to asthmatics. Smoking can make the air sacs in your lungs very brittle and what I suggested above is to prepare your body for repair. With slowly intensifying your exercises over a period of time, the heavy breathing will help "revitalize" and hopefully restore some elasticity to those air sacs.

    This omega-5 thing is an interesting addition!
  6. So asians dont even need to worry about this they eat fish like its going outta style :smoke:
  7. Great information from those of you who are contributing!

    Foxy Grandpa.
  8. So...are there people reading this that have COPD, and still smoke cigarettes, that want to stop, but can't seem to?

    If so, please let me know! I can definitely help.

  9. try a vaporizer, you'll be so glad you did. there are so many different varieties available nowadays
  10. definatly try a vaporizer..

    but i like the post, its different and its good info

    I hate fish though.. so I'ma have to drink them green teas with antioxidants and shit
  11. great post - i'm reaching that age where the lungs are starting to grumble!
  12. There are others things other than fish you can eat. Some eggs are formulated with omega-3. There are yogurts with omegas and tons of antioxidants. Believe it or not, nuts, tomatoes, berries, garlic and spinach are also rich in them.
  13. You can also take fish oil tablets. I used to take those daily with a multivitamin pack. Excercise can help too.
  14. Yeah, I take a Flax Seed Oil or Fish Oil pill with every meal I eat, and I have no problems with my lungs.
  15. try 5 grams per day of non-acidic vitamin C. it's called Ester-C and is non-acidic because it's bonded with calcium ( so it won't irritate your stomach or give you ulcers in large doses).
    this stuff will have you coughing up all kinds up phlegm, but that is good for you! it means your lungs are cleaning themselves up. keep coughing it up and eventually you will feel so much better!
  16. How do you run out of breath doing squats.. lol
  17. Thank you for the informative, helpful, and even cited post! A+ you foxy grandpa! :)
  18. omega-3 is almost a panacea. there are so many things it can help with/heal it's almost ridiculous. i take a serving of fish oil before every meal, it really does help.

    go to your pharmacy and get yourself some. :)
  19. Omega-3 Fish oils like people have stated don't have to come from your diet, you con supplement them in pill form..

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