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Discussion in 'General' started by TokingToker, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. I'm not giving any hints or anything, I want to see how much GC knows. What you must need to know is:

    What is it:

    What does it stand for:

    The name of it:


    I know what it is, the first person to get all 3 correct wins. :D Have fun.
  2. a star, nirvana, the sun.

  3. i aint got a clue,,,, but id guess a celtic symbol.
  4. I think that its wiccan in nature..but I havent dabbled in that branch of mystisism
  5. I can tell you what it's NOT..A religious symbol..

    That's about as far as I've gotten.
  6. 1. It symbolizes a lotus flower.
    2. The symbol stands for enlightenment and purity in Buddhist / Vedic texts, and is used as a symbol of becoming a buddha and escaping the samsare, or cycle of reincarnation. It also refers to the chakras in one's body and is seen as a throne where deities in these religions rest.
    3. That throne is called a kamalasana. The different colored lotuses are all called different things also, red - kamal, pink - padma, white - pundarika, blue - utpala.

    But most lotus symbols in religion aren't likethat, which looks to be more of an interpretation, rather than something aethestically pleasing.
  7. Correct, glad to see someone knows. :D +rep.
  8. A sombrero, viewed from above.
  9. Three nuns on a bicycle!

  10. I love it when we have threads that help educate others in things they might not know. However, let's not abuse the rep system by offering rep for knowing these things.

  11. I smell elitism, something I'm not a part of. :(

  12. nah, this information is for all.

    it was just those arrogant enough to think that only they were worthy, and that the majority, the plebs, the peons, the philistine masses, were unworthy.

    we're past that these days.

    anyone can learn stuff.

    thats what we have the internet for. :D

  13. It is a .gif

    It stands for graphic interchange format

  14. Uhh it...symbolizes a...lotus flower? Can I have rep too?
  15. i'll give you credit on one thing,,,,,, when i made my post the other day,,,

    you had me really searching the net,,,, something i know nothing of,,,, but i was flipping around on different websites like crazy,,,,
  16. Haha, sorry chicken must of been a buzzkill. :(

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