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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Indica Kid, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. Hey mods, quick question, I made this thread and it got shut down because it was "rep abuse":

    My question being, people give plus rep for humorous posts all the time, not sure why it becomes rep abuse just because I announce ahead of time that I will give rep for links to funny stuff. I didn't give out rep to stuff I didn't think was funny, only things that I probably would have repped them for anyway, they just needed an incentive to post it. So whats up with closing the thread I guess is my question?
  2. see that's the problem. you can't say you're going to rep someone if you haven't done it yet.

    that might confuse you.

    you can't ask for rep or say you will give it out for a certain thing...ya dig?
  3. Yeah, what you are saying makes sense. What I dont quite understand is why it would be prohibited to say you'd give rep for humor, help, advice, etc etc etc. No worries, just seemed strange to me
  4. because mods love deleting threads. joke? maybe............................
  5. QFT. It's really this simple.

  6. My personal opinion is that a thread like that causes people to post just to try to get +rep, which is not what people should be posting for.

    Yeah getting rep is neat and all, but people should be trying to actually contribute rather than trying to get more green bars.

    Know what I'm sayin'? :cool:
  7. If you offer rep in trade for something else, it's rep abuse. Plain and simple.

    I know that the thread was closed but I went ahead and deleted it. There's no need for it to still be out there.
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