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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by the roach, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. alright, i tried searching for it but i didnt get anything on it.

    Can someone explain what exactly rep abuse is?
  2. thats when you give me a -, and i give you a - for example, if you - rep me, ill go thru your profile looking for your posts n give you a random - show you whats up

    or multiple people ganging up giving -\'s
  3. ^^thats the only abuse of rep that I could think of although im sure there is more

    usually, the only people who abuse is 1barred noobs, and their rep doesnt count anything anyways.

    also, if someone - repped you for no reason n you think it was \"abuse\", pm a mod n theyll work it out instead of throwin around more -\'s
  4. When I 1st walked in the door. I got jumped for my opinion. I had negative 50+ on my rep. The mods did me justice, but it wasn\'t 1 bar nobody\'s abusing their rep. They reported me! But told on themselves.

    Ganja guerilla abused rep by trying to use it like a gun and threaten exile from his city. He said, \" look at my post # and high rep compared to you. You don\'t matter because your new. blah blah blah..\"

    I hope that helps roach.

  5. Rep abuse also includes giving out positive rep for the hell of it. Name-calling through the rep system is just as bad as in the forums so that\'s rep abuse. Members using it to warn others rather than reporting the posts in question is rep abuse. Offering it is abuse.

    Just give it when it\'s warranted and don\'t break any forum rules while using it and you\'ll be fine. :)
  6. surely if u dont agree wid wat sum1 says / dont like wat thy say then u -rep thm ? thats wat the -rep is for ? y give ppl the option 2 do it if u can\'t give it 2 any1 without it beign abuse :s

  7. You can give neg rep... But it should be for a valid reason... Not just because someone neg repped you, or because you don\'t agree with what a person has to say...

    Now... If the person is coming across as a dick, or they\'re being disrespectful, that\'s a valid reason to neg rep.
  8. damn i thought the ganja guerilla was a chill blade,,, thanks for the info. i dont like bullies,,,

    ive gotten some neg rep. from blades,, 2 of them really,, that i thought was unjustified,,, but i wear it as a medal upon my chest,,,,

    to some the truth hurts,,,,lets just say,,, i aint got nothing for these 2 blades,,,, had a run in with one of them just the other night,,,,

    this time he didnt - rep. me ???? surprisingly????/

    some people are straight,,, and some are silly,,, ( for lack of a better word),,,,,,,,,,,,, just blow it off,,, it\'s just a bunch of juvenille crap,,,,

    school has started,,, the unfavorable blades will be in class,,,, so it\'s all cool,,,, he mentioned a paintgun,,, so that right there tells me he\'s a immature,, wanna-be,,,, join the military and grab a real gun,,,,,

    like i did,,,:devious:
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