Reorganisation part II

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Superjoint, Jun 10, 2001.

  1. Hi my friends!

    As you probably have noticed, I've changed some things. I want to make the board also a big knowlegdebase for growers, I think there is a lot of interest for that, but also the chill out zone is very important. I'm still not finished, needs some advise from you ,the members. I made a new forum with "real life stories" but than I feel spirituality and philosophy should make place and I would transfer the posting from there to the "real life..." forum.

    What do you think about the "humor forum.." I post most of the time there but do you think it's a valuable forum? I have my doubts...let me know what you want.

    I also probalby deleted some mods, because I've changed forums, I want to have at least one moderator for each forum, who wants to help me out (or get back :) ) ? Designhelp already volunteered :)

    I moved the political and legalization categories more downward of the forums, I think this is a board for the people (you :) ) about marijuana and hemp, In my eyes this is the best ranking. Anyway let me know what you think!

    PS Working hard on the new design, it's gonna be awesome!!!!


  2. Hey, what happened to the "Coffeeshops" topic? This forum is about coffeeshops in the Netherlands, so where are we supposed to post about our coffeeshop experiences? Which ones are best, ones to avoid, best mj/hash, ect.. I guess what postings were there were deleted because I cannot find them under any of the other topics and that sucks. :(
  3. We'll be juggling things around for a bit. Keep the feedback coming, it's being heeded.

    Also, keep in mind that the general forum is totally free for all as far as topics go.

    We'll try to include everything that y'all want, but if your idea happens not to come to fruition, then the general forum would accommodate any topic that isn't on the board elsewhere.

    Things are lookin' good superjoint. We'll get things settled again.

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  4. High SJ! Keep the humor forum because I just don't think I can go without the jokes, man.

    I also think that the philosophy and spirituality forum should stay and the real life forum added. A person can experience real life 24/7 and it not be a plilosophical or spiritual experience so I believe that even though they are all related,real life should be a separate topic.

    That's just what I think!

  5. ditto
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