Renting Storage Unit for Harvest??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Sequence, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    So im runnjing my first outdoor grow, however i do not have suficient space for drying and curing. I was wondering if anyone thinks it would work for me to rent out a storage unit...which is basically an empty garage like closet. All i'd need is a 5 x 5 room to do my trimming and drying. Does anyone know the laws and or saftey of doing this? I'd rent the storage unit for a month, costs about 50$...
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    The smell would be a dead give-away to either LEO's or rippers.

    You'd be better off setting up a tent near your grow.
  3. I have family that owns storage units, and they are really low key. I would say go to the place and talk with the owner and get the kind of vibe you'll have to deal with, how often they're on premises etc. If the owner is on premises during the hours that it's open, it might be tricky, because they'll probably come by your unit when you're there to make sure it's you and everything is kosher. It might also seem strange if you're sitting in your storage unit for hours on end with the door closed. I hope any of that helped. Be safe, and good luck.
  4. u are just askign for trouble

    i would not do.

    there has to be a friends or somehwere else u could do this
  5. krysis219 made a very valid point
  6. dont do it, too risky. not worth getting locked in a government cage, imo.
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    I disagree.

    I would not trust whether my ass ends up in jail on not based on the "vibe" I get from talking to some stranger. What if that owner is cool with smoking MJ, that still doesn't mean he's OK with someone setting up shop in his building. And even if the owner is cool, what about the other customers? They will be going in and out of there while you've got the whole building stinking like bud.

    One of these storage places is named "Public Storage", keep in mind why that is a very appropriate name. You need a secure, private place.
  8. I have experience with rental units. not a good idea to do any drying there. way too smelly, and ususally the units are not air tight from the outside air or the lockers next to it, so just too big a risk to take. drying on site in a nice camo tent with a couple car batteries hooked up to a power inverter to run a dehumidifyier has worked for me before. the tent must be high quality though. and the batteries need swapping out about every day. but if it's all you got it will work.

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