Removing undergrowth

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  1. How much undergrowth would you remove at any one time?
    Im LST mine there are about 14 to 16 colas each at day 35
    Ive been fairly conservative when removing leaves, grow shoots. But now i see lots of unneeded growth.


  2. The plant might be a better judge of what growth it needs than we are.
    They look fine to me.
  3. This is the idea I'm going for, 1/3 or so of lower branching plucked to have less popcorn. Which stage of life do you remove them?

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  4. Ok so yiu need to install a scrog net and grow the plant into it . When you flip it, cut off everything below the net that wont reach the net after stretch.
  5. I cut nothing ever except when leaves are not doing their solar panel jobs adequately, so I can't help with pruning.
  6. I know what scrog is but that's not what I'm talking about.

    More precisely my question is:

    At what stage and how much undergrowth per day can i begin to take off safely without overdoing it.

    In order to achieve this primary grow pattern. Lol

    Thanks for your input guys!
  7. ive trimmed quite a bit from the bottoms of plants 2 weeks into flower with out any problems.

    ive thought to myself its nice seeing the initial flip stretch and pruning after
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  8. Max is two weeks I believe or you can stunt them

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