Removing the Confederate Flag

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    What do you guys think of the Confederate Flag? What do you guys think about removing it? Is it racist? Should it stay?

    Apparently this is the major issue that needs addressed after the Charleston shooting.

    NBC in their prime journalistic integrity included a video unrelated to the article. I intended post about removing the confederate flag parts from state flags unaware of the video.

  2. I figure its a sign of treason at the very least and shouldn't fly unless the south wants to go ahead and try to "rise again".
    Sure, its a historical symbol. so is a swastika. Not all hystorical symbols are something to be proud of. If you want to wear it or have it desplayed in some way go ahead. But any way you look at it, it has no place being on the flag poles of government/state owned public property.
    We should at least have had it at half staff after the shooting (like the state flag and country flag) thats what gets me most. Like, c'mon have some respect people. Unless I'm missing a key flag etiquette component here?

  3. It's a little racist but removing it wouldn't change anything at all. Not sure how a racist flag has anything to do with a racist shooting either. If people are racist, then they are.
  4. I've never heard that one before. I commend you for that. I need time to think about this.
    I disagree because it doesn't have the same relevance or message it did when it was flown during the civil war. I believe it's more of a cultural thing than a thing of defiance.

  5. the swastika wasnt a bad thing unil nazi germany made it one though and that isn't considered a "cultural thing". ya feel me? It is a cultural thing. but its a culture that breeds ignorance. And ignorance breeds racism/ general prejudices.
    Its not going to "end racism" but it should be retired to a museum somewhere IMO.

  6. I don't think the two are comparable and its fallacious to do so. The swastika in relation to National Socialism and Germany was political more than cultural whereas the South does have a culture to it the Confederate flag represents. I don't think Southern pride or culture is inherently racist but it's trying to be painted that way.

  7. You're reaching, bro.

    Tell this guy the CF isn't political -

  8. Which if you really consider, was political enough to start a war over (symbolized within that culture). :smoke:
  9. I didn't say the Confederate flag wasn't political, I said that the Swastika wasn't cultural. Please don't mince my words.
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    Confederacy is political though.
    They're comparable. Not the same, but comparable? Yes.There are neo nazis who'd argue that the swastika is part of thier culture.
    EDIT: Chill man. You're on a stoner forum. you have to be more patient with people. especially when it comes to mis reading or misunderstanding things people post. I mean this in a nice way, too. not trying to be a bitch.
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    You mention only the cultural significance of the flag and excluded to mention its obvious political intent as well, which I kindly included for your benefit.

    Your ellipsis is just as important as what you choose to include.

  12. How am I not being chill? Take my tone wrong?

    Again, I'm saying you it's odd to compare Nazi culture to Southern culture. I don't even believe you can compare the two politically though both are political. I never said they weren't.

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    So your perceived implication is as important as what I outright said? If you say so. I mentioned in my second post that the political message and relevance have changed since it the civil war. I didn't omit anything to my benefit. I wrote it how I wrote it with no other intent.
  14. But they haven't changed, just went underground, only to resurface in the Black Church. That's why the CF should absolutely be buried, and not in a museum either, but in a graveyard on the farthest edge of town.

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    Bottom line, it doesn't belong on government state grounds since it's is obviously not a Confederate state anymore. It should be in a museum where it belongs and removing it would also show respect to the 9 victims. I already know it won't stop hatred from all, but it's a crucial step where we have been silenced for so long. Even the mayor walked 100 miles for it to be taken down 15 years ago and the government didn't even pull through all the way... unfortunately until now.
  16. I baffled you actually believe this. Are you a Southerner? it is cultural appropriation at its highest to tell us what that flag means.
  17. This is actually one of the very isolated times that it may be relevant. :smoke:

  18. What do you mean?
  19. Maybe I read your tone wrong. I dunno.
    I don't think it's that odd to compare the two (that is, as long as we're specifically talking about southerners who support the confederate flag). Both basically are brainwashed to allow horrible things to happen for the sake of their "way". While you can argue that southern pride isn't inherently racist, have you ever sat down and talked to a bible thumping, gun toting, confederate flag waving southerner? The pure hate they spew from their mouth is sickening.

    There is absolutely no benefit to keeping the confederate flag.
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    I am a Southerner and I can claim as a Southerner that I have known people that support the flag who also have racist notions towards blacks and other ethnicities. I even unknowingly smoked with a white supremacist before and that was really uncomfortable knowing that this dude actually hated me deep down inside, but didn't say anything to me that was hateful. Still made me feel sad that this person could care less about my personality. It's known that gays, Hispanics, blacks, etc. have all been harassed, lynched, shot, or burned alive all because they were different. Mostly during the 20th century which wasn't that long ago. It's much more than a white/black thing. Yes, the media portrays it that way, but a lot of people have a lot of angst towards it. That flag was used during those times and even historical pictures/documents can prove that.

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