Removing Damaged Fan Leaves?

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  1. Just curious if I should remove the damaged fan leaves on my plant. I haven't really had help from anyone about what my issue is so I'm just thinking I have a deficiency because I have never fed them until today. My question is should I remove the obviously dead fan leaves?

  2. That's not a deficiency.....plants need zero nutrients for the first 3 weeks as they have all they need stored in their cotolyden leaves.    I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that your plant is in Miracle Grow or some other soil that contains far too many nutrients for your baby....that is nutrient burn damage you are seeing, immediately transplant into a more suitable soil.  
    And no, don't trim the damaged leaves....if you do there will be vitually nothing left.   When in doubt, LITFA...leave it the fuck alone.  :)
    p.s.  you probably want to do some reading on suitable soils, because whatever you are using definitely isn't doing the trick.
  3. Also just read that you fed them today...that will only make matters worse.    No nutrients at all for first 3 weeks......there is a good chance your seedling won't make it, so keep that in mind for next time and make sure you get a better soil and don't use cheap Miracle Grow crap or similar department store garbage. 
  4. No that totally looks like you overwatered. Look at the beginning of the journal in my sig. My girls looked just like yours when they started out.

    Mine have survived but if you fed them today, they are probably gonna die. No food for the first 3 weeks.

    Honestly bro, I would just start over.
  5. According to the pics, your plant is dying.
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  7. If you can transplant to a better soil immediately and flush with RO water and then leave it alone in good light and temps for 4-6 days before watering again, she could make it. I would just dig out the very small root ball out of that cup and transplant the root ball to the better soil in small pot and flush. 
  8. I had the same issue with my seedlings.  After the second set of leaves the first true leaves started to die.  It freak me out.  My soil was top soil and perlite with a pH of 6.8.  I removed the dead leaves, and this solved the problem.
    A rule of thumb for stressed/dead leaves, I heard anyways, was to remove the leaf once the leaf is more that 50% dead or stressed.  After the leaf has 50% necrosis or deficiency then the plant is using too much energy to fix the problem and should be removed by a sharp sterile pair of scissors. 

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