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  1. The first time I smoked pot was at my brothers and my friend were there hanging out and my bro went off to me and my friend are sitting there with my bros bong in the corner of the my friend smoked a lot before this he thought he'd use the bong....lit it up and passed I thought "what the fuck...lets go for it"...took a hit....greatest felling in my life....we had Alice In Chains "Dirt" album playing and that made the first time experience even better...and so I sat there for about 3 hours having a good laugh with my friend....I remembered one thing I said which was"Tales from the Bong with Cheech and Chong"...all in all a great experience....opened a whole new world for myself

    How about you guys' first time smoking weed?
  2. I don't really remember my first time smoking I was reaaaaallly SHIT faced,I do know that I got caught by an offduty cop on his way home,good thing his was drunk too or I woulda gotten was that a fun night!
  3. I can't remember the first time i got high, i was 6 or 7 yrs old and it was with my sister. I remember the first time i smoked with my dad. I got cought in school with a bowl, when i got home from school, after getting bitched at by my mom and talking to the cops about my court date and shit, my mom left to go to the store. My dad was like "i new you were interested in weed but i didn't know you smoked yet, i wish i had some or i'd burn one with you, i know you had a bad day" and i was like "well, i'm not stupid, i only brung my one hitter to school and a bud. (then i went to my room and came back with a 8th) Wanna burn one" he said "wow i been out for a while, were did you get some".... then we got high and talked about smoking for a while, he told me a lot of shit about his past and we been really close ever sense, were like best friends now not just father and son.
  4. im a guy friends came over and wanted to smoke with my brother so i decided to too since..well...i just did. anyway it was AWESOME..i was so fucked up and i kept knees were twitching and it was soo funny..
    we saw ascooby doo commerial and my brother said, "what did the ice cream making hair dresser call his shop" and he goes "scoopy doo" and i cracked up sooo bad and i asked him was the guy spanish b/c and in spanish is y right? yeah so..i didnt stop laughing for what seemed like 45 minutes but it was really like 4 or 5...yeah anyway. i loved it. whee.
  5. My first time was with two other friends. I used to be a 'narrow minded type' - lol, but my friend had slowly been working on me, and I was at this party when he asked me if we got some weed would I smoke with him. I said yes, and so we asked everyone else and only 1 other person wanted to. So we put on our coats and shoes and go uptstairs (BTW, this was one of those stupid parties where the parents were home - thus the reason we wanted weed :D) and then we slip outside, telling this dude's parents that we were going for a 'walk'. HAHA

    Trouble is, we live in suburbs of Philadelphia, and were in a housing development, the ones where there is a huge house with tons of property, and then another huge house that looking pretty much the same except for tiny differences. Anyway - we end up going down into the back yards of 10 house or so that met in some sort of bushy thicket, LOL.

    My friend busts out his awesome brass pipe bong that we made for fucking $3 and was/(is to this day) the biggest hitter ever..or should I say hottest (its only 3 inches long). So we light up, my friend goes first because it was 'his idea' hhahah, and then I sortof awkwardly handle it and in the end have to have him light it for me. Take a nice deep hit, my friend nearly yells at me saying: 'HOLD IT!!!', and so I do for like 20 seconds (back when I had good lungs, haha) and then let it out. So far? Nothing, I just start coughing alot and feeling kinda 'wierd'. Then we go around again and again until its empty. By then I start to feel really wierd, honestly my first high was NOT my best, though after that we walked around the neihborhood smoking and repacking in the shadows until our 1 or 2 grams was gone.

    I only started to feel it when I started heading back to the house with them. I was paranoid as shit and with due reason, we had been gone for nearly a full hour and the neighborhood we were in you could probably walk around 4 times in an hour. So we get back and shuffle downstairs and greet our buddies who look at us like we were fucking nuts. We try and join the party again but we really cant. We ended up just sitting on a couch and staring at the TV - by that time I had a permanent smile stuck on my face that I couldnt shake off and my whole body was so relaxed I didnt want to ever stop.

    I woke up many times that night because I had fallen asleep on the floor (though I dont remember going to sleep) and had made a bed out of my jacket and various items laying around on the floor, haha.

    Anyone else that can give a longer account of their first time please do so...hahah.
  6. my first time was with my friend & sister.
    it was my 15th birthday.
    after skool me & this kid mike went & hung out at my bro corys.
    he gave me a dime bag.we smoked that at his house.
    my sis game me 40 bucks & brought me to the mall.
    on the way there we were talkin about me smokin with my friends that day& she was teling
    me stories about her & all her friends.
    when we got there we went into a place called jungle zone.
    its nuthin but pipes & bongs.
    i bought a 15.dollar bong & a 12.dollar 5in metalpipe. (its kool, it has a pretty fat bowl & its got a clear green chamber)
    when we got home she asked me if i wanted to use it.
    ive been smokin with my friends, sister, & her friends ever since.
  7. The first time I ever smoked pot. Hmm.. It was back in the begining of 6th grade. I was always hanging out with people that were way older than me, but they would never of smoked it with me. I had just graduated from DARE and if you dont know what that is its a program they send kids through so they think that drugs are bad.
    Well we decided to go hunting.. So we tell my parents that we will be gona about 3 days and I will miss some school and all that good shit you have to tell parents. Well it was like a 6 hour drive to the hunting grounds, so my friend must have been getting all ancy to smoke some pot. Cause we get out of town, and he was like okay heres the deal me and becky are going to smoke pot. I was so freaked out by this I was like fuck that Im not doing drugs. He was like dude you dont have to smoke.
    Then after they both took hits it smelled so good I was like what the hell give me some.. So anyway we smoked pot for about 4 hours straight.. So I was fucking high..
    Oh yeah I forgot to mention that we are going to meet his dad up at this hunting spot.. His dad just happens to be the pastor of the church I go to.. And I was so stoned, I was hungry as hell and my lips were sticking to my teeth..
    Well anyway his dad never figured it out, but I was still paraniod.. Well that;s about all then I got up and got stoned for the whole 3 days I was there.. And ever since then I love to get high..
  8. HA! First time i ever smoked up was at school during lunch time... well i had already smoked up about 3 times before that time but i'd never felt anything before..
    Anyway, me and 2 friends decided to go smoke so we walked behind a wendy's went a little further down into a neighborhood and just sat behind a fence, which was a great spot (and still is a great spot i smoked there about a week ago) my friend busts out this home-made bong, i was like "WHAT THE FUCK!?" it was the weirdest thing i'd seen in my life, but DAMN! did it work wonders. We smoked up so much, well it probably wasnt all that much since we had to get back to school but it seemed like a lot. It was so great. We went to McD's and got some cheeseburgers. Too much fun!
    Then went back to school. I had Guitar Class next. It was a blast! Playing guitar when stoned is too much fun. Unless u get a crappy high and cant concentrate. But still it was fun. Everbody seemed different as i was walking down the hallways. It was too good, however it was the start of bad shit for me. Now im a HighSchool drop out. But what the hell, GOD MADE WEED, SO LETS USE IT! Oh, and my life is not completely hopeless, i got a weekend job at a beer&wine, which is enough to pay for my art classes and a gram a week!OH and i have a bowl waitin for me in my room... COOL!
  9. the first time i smoked was the nite i lost my virginity and people- that aint good. i was almost 15 and seriously i was a state. luckily it didnt put me off tho i dont advise any1 to even attemt to do a-levls constantly stoned, it just dont work
  10. My first time was in my best friends grandmothers house in his room. We had baught a 20 for this kid and were gunna see him 2maro, but he decided fuck it and started smoking some out of this ceramic pipe he made in art class. So he sparks the first bowl takes a hit and looks at me. I said wtf my dad does it so why not give it a try. We smoked that whole 20 between us 2. I stayed up that whole night playing Tekken 3 and beat it wit like every guy lol. I am proud to say that those 8 bowls were the best of my life.
  11. My first time was when I was 15. 9 years ago. *sigh* Feels like just yesterday. Anyway I was at a birthday party for one of my good friends and he scored a nickel. I don't remember being that high, but I write that off to first time smoking. I do remember having the worst giggles. :)
  12. well the first time i smoked was with my buddy behind our local YMCA..then we proceeded to work out..

    but the first time i got high was when me and my buddies rented out a cottage for a week all by ourselves..but my friend and i were the only ones that actually smoked..anyway..we smoked out out his glass pipe and well the only thing that i can really remember and found most funny is the fact that he takes double hits (he takes a hit holds it and hits again which i found amazing) dont ask :)
  13. It was before my calss trip to Virgina... me and my friends brother smoked a realllll lot from a falshlight... It was still one of my best highs... If only I kneow what kinda weed we had
  14. the first time i got high was with my dad... two christmas eves ago ... my mom went to bed.. and he has been offering me to get high for a while.. but.. i didnt understand pot.. and was against it... that night i said fuck it.. and smoked a joint to myself.. and drank a few drink... i didnt get stoned... but that was my first time...

    the craziest high i've ever had was with some weird weed... my friends and i made a pipe out of a sperm key chain... and we had to plug a hole.. so we rubber cemented it shut... b4 i left his house.. he packed me a bowl and sent me off... the weed stayed in with the glue in a zip-lock bag for over a week... finally i broke out the pipe... and after about 5 hoots... i was really fucked up ... we were in the forest.. and it was like blair witch... real scary... i was sooo stoned i could literaly see myself.. and look into the sun as if it were a video game... after i came down from my high.. i was a little depressed for a week though... those cement fumes really do hell on ya...
  15. My first time I was 12. Me and my best friend (at the time) were staying the night at her house and her 16 yr old sister was there. We smoked a joint at 4 in the morning on top of her trampoline (sp?). I remember them yelling at me because I kept smoking it like a cigarette out of habit. But afterwards all I remember is laughing my ass off at names in the phone book...don't ask.
  16. my first time getting high was so great. i smoked out of a homemade pipe with a good friend of mine. we were watching CKY2K and laughing our heads off. later on we wandered outside and lit fireworks and got lost in the woods. thats about all i remember and it was fucking awesome.
  17. im only 15... actually the first time i got high was only like 2 months ago and i definately wouldnt call it my best...i remember it like it was 2 months ago. it was my first and my friends like 5th. it was actually an anxious moment because i had waited a couple of days with the weed in my room. but we had to wait till my other friend was available cause he had the pipe. when we finally went to go get high we drove to a forest like spot by the river and he pulled out the pipe packed the bowl and started to pass it around. my first hit was huge but i took to much to hold in and started coughing like hell. i remember laughing and talking about random stuff..and well thats about it.
  18. HAHAHA First time i got stoned I woke up one morning and I caught my dad and I was like HOLY dad wake and bake or what? it was like 4 am i had to pee. He told me to sit beside him so he could talk to me so i did and he started talking about how if i ever got interested in smoking it that he had no problem with it and that he would understand lol how could he say anything he's smokin a joint right infront of me, Well I said "No dad I think when i do im not going to tell you for reasons of my own" he said okay and that he understood and sent me off to bed. Now i was always the girl who hung out with the guys so when i woke up later that morning i woke up to my two best buds jumping on me bed sayin WAKE TIME ITS BAKE TIME and i said no you guys i dont wanna they they told me I had two because two years ago the day i met them i promised them on our two year friendship aniversery we would smoke pot all day and every day after that So I did I have never been that stoned again we smoked soooo much and at like 8pm my dad came home from work and bursted into laughter. and threw a pipe at me and told me to keep it. still have it my buddy chopper names everything and he named the pipe the swagster my dads nick name is swags. yay not to interesting but aaaah memories right! By the way i lived up to my promise been stoned every day since then

    I would also like to tell ya the names of my twin little sister

    Mary-ann and Jane-lynn now take the ann and lynn away pretty weird huh I think so. their mom named them and she didn't even realize what she did lol
  19. wow, the first time i ever got high was so fucking great. My brothers friend had just came back to our town ( he had moved) anyway he brought some bud with him, he was explaining to us how killer it was. Anyway he had a 1/2 oz of this stuff, and he asked me if i would smoke some weed if he broke it out (cause i didnt smoke at the time) so I was like sure man. Anyway he fuckin breaks out about 1/2 of his bag and rolls a fuckin hogleg (about 1/4) and him and my brother had me smoke that whole fuckin thing with them. I was tottally baked and I was in love with weed since then.
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