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Remember when..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dfernan, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. .. You were worried about "smoking too much" and getting "too blazed" But now you worry about how MUCH you have to smoke to get high and you try to conserve as much as possible.. and now you WISH you could get "too blazed".. sigh.. :(

  2. I've never worried about "smoking too much" and getting "too blazed"...But yeah, tolerance is a bitch. ;)
  3. Just came off a month t-break..

    And now i'm getting so fucking blazed it's unbelieveable.. it's like i just tokin'

    the herb again! shit i love myself a nice t-break, gah im so blazed and rambling..

    peace :bolt::bolt::bolt::bolt::bolt::bolt:
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^ same here bro, just got off a month t-break as well. Just toked up again the past weekend, needless to sayy i got madddd ripped.
  5. yeah I'm at the beginning of my t-break.

    it sucks when you have to smoke a bunch just to get high. hopefully a week or two will do something for me
  6. coming to the end of not neccessarily a t-break, but a time when i couldnt/didnt smoke for about 4 weeks, and hopefully i get to worry about smoking too much haha.

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