Remember last week...when it was Racist to want troops on the border?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sir Elliot, May 25, 2010.

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    1,200 guys won't do shit except mabye they will catch a few more ilegal immigrants crossing the border, and probably catch/kill more drug smugglers,

    If anything this is about the drug war.
  2. They wont call obama racist will they..

  3. Remember when over 100 companies boycotted Glenn Beck after he suggested Obama was a racist?

  4. Yeah, that was great.

    I've been for pulling troops out from around the world to stick them on the borders for a long time. Don't see why that's racist. But I'm also for just legalizing who is here and completely reforming the immigration process to make it ridiculously easy.

  5. Yep it was so funny. Makes you wonder if liberals even realize that a black man can be just as much a racist as any white man.
  6. Nothing wrong with maintaining (or trying to)border order.
  7. You could construe it as racism if you were that desperate; Obama is black and most of the immigrants are Hispanic.

    But yeah, this move is fine and justified. A country has every right to defend it's borders.

    Not that 1,200 troops will make much difference. Heard they wanted 6,000 just in Arizona.

  8. We need to pull our dick(troops) out of the rest of the world.

    Put our dick on the borders and blow our load on the face of anyone who tries to fuck with us.

    Realy though: put our troops on the border. The constant patrols and action would keep our military sharp and well organized. Why pay for them to sit in South Korea, Okinawa(sp?), and Germany when we can have them here doing a real job. It's not like if some shit goes down we can't have them over there in less than 24 hours.
  9. Why? Do you think governments should own all the land within their borders? Why shouldn't people be free to go wherever they want on their planet? What authority is an imaginary line?
  10. No. I support the idea of a planet without borders, all it does is create division and conflict. Something that makes it easier for the few to seize control over the many.

    However in the current global system of countries it simply doesn't work to open borders. 1st world countries would be flooded with immigrants over night. Until we solve the social and economic disparities across the world this is the sad reality we face.

  11. Yeeeeah, what did that accomplish? I also think thats one of the times Beck was right on.
  12. Sounds good...

    But in a country like America that clearly cannot keep anyone they don't want out, how sure can we be that it'd be a much bigger problem? Don't third world peoples face more financial/logistical problems when it comes to immigration as compared to immigration laws?

    Do European nations have similar immigration problems?

  13. Yeah. We get many North Africans (particularly in Southern Europe) and also lots of Middle Eastern people who slip through via Turkey and Eastern Europe. It makes it easier for them that once you get to Western Europe we have the 'Schengen Agreement' which for all intents and purposes is open borders (although the Police can stop you to check your documents, there aren't really any border controls).

    The deportation process is so drawn out here though that we often can't keep illegals imprisoned until we can deport them and then they slip through the system. People remain here for years under the radar, just as it appears happens in America.
  14. So, in all practicality, we've all got open borders. Why keep up the charade?

  15. People frighten easily. :confused_2:
  16. I don't see how this is particularly racist. He's caved into pressure by the Republicans and the Democrats and is combatting 'drug smuggling'. Better those troops are inside the USA than pissing off/slaughtering other people around the world. :p
  17. 1200 troops is an insult if you ask me.

    He might as well come out and say " I don't believe you people know anything about what it takes to live your own life, but since you have done something tangible this time, and gained enough attention doing it, i will throw you a half a bone so you think you are getting your point across. "
  18. Fuck Obama and his half assed response to this. The federal goverment's ignorance is the reason arizona passed the law in the first place. Apparently Obama remains ignorant.
  19. We absolutely shouldn't keep up the charade.

    We should ACTUALLY enforce a border. Not put up the front of enforcing it.

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