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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by MileHighPotHead, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Okay, so I've owned every single pen style vape that is worth a damn (ploom, RX, RAW, Cloud, Thermo, ect) and I must say that the REM pen is absolutely my favorite.  
    I have no problems with this pen. Many people say it sucks because you have to go to a dispense to buy more cartridges for the pen, but IMO isn't this the same as buying a gram of wax for the cloud or weed for the RX?  
    There are only three differences (that I can see) between this pen and the high quality pens such as the pax Ploom or the Atmos RX:  The fact that it uses non-refillable cartridges instead of wax, the lack of a mess, and the amount of money it costs.  Why spend 140-260$ on a "quality" pen when you could buy this pen for 30$?  I have tested this pen and compared it with every single one of my pens based on the taste, the burn (throat ache), cost, and the amount of visible vapor.  Here are the results:
    Cost: REM pen 30$ 
    Vapor visible: Rem pen (I can rip this pen through my bongs downstem and get 18" of pure, milky, vapor     with every sinlge hit.).  The RX/Ploom were my second choice, but I just can't choose them.  After one hit out of my bong the RX needed to be reloaded and the Ploom can't even connect to it.
    Throat ache:  Rem pen/RX/Ploom these all tied for first in a dry run (no water filter).  I felt no pain from any and I have bad throat issues.
    Taste: REM PEN ALL THE FREAKING WAY.  Tastes like a green bowl every rip and have different strains in the cartridges based on where you buy them.  Nothing like this pen.  I thought RX tasted amazing until I bought this pen, but there is no comparison at all.
    I recommend that anyone who is in a state where this pen and the cartridges are easily available to buy this bad boy.  
    If anyone has any doubts about my love for this pen, I would  be happy to show you my milky bong hits with this pen.  I have never experienced anything like it before.  Love at first rip.
    Question for all of you:
    Is the REM pen available in other states?  It is obvious available in the Mile High City being a "Rocky Mountain Remedies" product, but what about Cali and such?  Is this pen just a Colorado blessing or is it available in most dispensaries nation-wide? 
    GET THIS PEN IF YOU CAN.  I can think of 3+ problems/annoyances for every one of my pens listed above, but I struggle to think of even one that is relevant for the REM pen.  The only issue I've heard people having with this pen is that you have to go buy new cartridges, you can't refill them and if you do it voids the warranty.  Lazy people, you have to leave your crib to buy your nug right? Isn't this the same idea?  What's the difference inbetween buying nug from the dispense or buying a cartridge? Nothing IMO.

  2. Hey what size cartridges do you find the best for money to potency ratio. I cant decide if i should buy a $50 600mg cartridge or just buy the $25 cartridges

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