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  1. well... i've posted about my new found interest in growing this great plant, and as soon as i move, my basement will be my next project. im gonna get lights/fans/timers the whole works... only thing missing is the seeds.

    now this question is to the moderators of this site, or anyone who HONESTLY knows about buying this shit via the internet and having it shipped to your house...

    IS IT SAFE?! lol... i dun want the DEA knocking on my door cuz i bought a pack of NL seeds, and im sure as hell not gonna look forward to 10-20 in a prison.

    so seriously, is it safe to have them shipped to your house? or is there a trick or something that i should know about before i invite the DEA over for a smokeout?


  2. millions of pieces of mail travel in the USA everyday. Customs will find the seeds at the border before DEA ever gets wind of it. And all customs will do is confiscate the seeds and send you a letter saying that an illegal article was intercepted that was postmarked to you.

    BUT if it has your address, but a different name on top, how can you be in trouble???? You really have no idea what people send in the mail to your address and the US Postal Service gets stuff screwed up all the time. And never have I seen on this board where anyone ever got busted because of seeds coming in.

    I have seen plenty of people who got ripped off from buying seeds from a crooked seed site.

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