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Relocating To Maine Soon, How Hard Is It To Get A Mmj Card?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Smokeholio, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Hey there my buddy and I are relocating to Portland, Maine soon and was wondering how hard it is to obtain a MMJ card? And how would I go about it?

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    depends on the type of medical law they have i would assume...I moved to colorado around 2010 before it went legal. I got my card by walking into Health Star i think its called down town denver. said i have back issues that keep me up all night and i was in a car wreck several years back and was told i could have issues later in life. All he did was make me take my shirt off and he ran his finger down my spine and was like ok toracic back pain. signed me off. i was like whaaaat for real that simple. I think they just want your money to be honest. Maine could be different.
    Colorado did have specific MMJ Doctors. Check and see if Maine has these.
    Cali was amazing i went to cali for Christmas last year and went to Venice Beach with my cousins. and there was a sign that said shit like Want a medical card? out of state? no problem. ended up getting one and was able to buy. i thought that was awesome and wonder why its just not legal lol.
    Id say compare maine laws to like Cali's laws. Maybe that will point you in the direction your headed. 
  3. Actually, up here in Maine they like to make it pretty difficult to obtain a MMJ card. There are doctors who are known to give reccomendations but you will need to have a legit reason (one of the few ones listen in Maine's MMJ laws) to get a card. You cant just be like "oh, uhm, back pain" and walk out with a card. Also, last time i checked its about $200 to meet with one of these doctors and get the card. But if you have a legit reason, you can get a card here no problem.
  4. **should add this to my previous post though, if you are 21+ recreational cannabis is legal within the city limits of Portland although you cant purchase it. And Portland cops still don't 'recognize' the new law or some BS, so they still screw you over.
  5. i would guess there would be a lot of good bud coming down from canada eh?

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