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  1. Out of curiosity I was wondering how many people here who smoke are religious? So let's have it, are you believer? Do you practice/go to church? What religion are you?

    I'd have to say I'm christian but I incorporate non-christian views into my beliefs. I do not go to church on a regular basis, infact it's rare if I do at all. I consider myself more of a spiritual person. I prefer to thing about these things myself rather than participate in conformed religion.

    (I put this in general over spiritual because I wanted the views of everyone. People who visit the spiritual board I believe are more likely to be religious and I was the views of even the athiests.)
  2. complete athiest here
  3. I am a Christian as well, but I also have some of my own feelings on the whole spiritual walk. I believe that the Bible talks to us all in different ways and who r wee to say "hey man you r not a good person b/c you don't think exactly what I do". I am not into that nor do I push what I believe ever, that is a choice to be made by the individual. In fact I won't even bring it up unless someone talked to me about it, like they would have to ask me. That to me is part of my life I keep personal. I hate when people try to shove thier religion down your throat. Not cool. JOE>
  4. Religious? Well, I smoke weed religiously... does that count?

    I have my belief system well in place... my god is Mother Nature. Through Her, I receive the answers to my questions about Life.

  5. catholic i suppose. dont go to church, but i do believe
  6. I've experimented with many religions, many beleifs, practice many different kinds of worship, prayer, meditation, and other rituals.

    None i have found answer my questions and provide a plausible form of beleif for me.

    I have various different beleifs involving Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Taoism, Confucism, but my beleifs on sentinet beings and an afterworlds are closer to Agnosticism.
  7. Christian..Dont go to church but yer do believe in god n the rest of it.

  8. Kind of a contradicting statement huh?

    I'm a Christian, non denominational. . . . . . . . . .driven by Faith, Cleansed by the blood Christ.

    I also Believe the Bible Literally, Word For Word.
  9. if your god is Mother Nature, who created her and all her sisters??

  10. and who created your god shouse.

  11. Intergalactic resonance deciphered through neurological subsystems intent on making sense of it all, of course... who do you think created Her?!
  12. See, I am a non-denominational christian, but I believe knowledge of god is unobtainable by a mortal human. Which is why jesus came and died for our sins. I believe the bible as more of a metaphorical scripture. My views on afterlife are such that I am not sure if we strictly either go to heaven or hell. I agree with many Taoist views, I've studied alot of religions and I think alot of good comes from many of their beliefs, but alot of bad comes from the conformity of religion and these holy wars.

    To be a christian one must only accept jesus into their heart and realize he died for their sins, this is all that makes someone a christian. The term "Good Christian" is ludacris because our religion believes there is no way one can be righteous or live a sin free life. We cannot obtain that, which is why jesus died for our sins. The rest is just customs and practices.

    There are many different sects of christianity with many different customs, beliefs, and practices. But the thing that binds all christians together is their belief in jesus.
  13. O.K.
    Now seeing how Religion is Probaly the Number 1 most cotroversial topics out there all I will explain is what I personally believe in. So please let's keep this friendly and let's keep it moderated by MJ.

    I believe that when God said he was the Alpha and Omega he meant it. To Me, It's

    not logical that my All Powerful and All Mighty God would give us a `map` or

    `guidline` to salvation and Righteousness and tell us that we should not view the

    Great things he has done literally, but rather use Our Own judgement. The Bible says

    that God created Everything in 6 days and rested upon the 7th. Why would a Powerful

    All knowing God not mean what he said?? I don't believe that 6 days means 60000000

    years. To me that's not feasible. I believe that there were only 5 days before man

    appeared on this great earth.

    I also don't believe that you can be a Christian and believe the Bible to be untrue. To

    me that's not Christianity. The whole fact of Christianity is Christ and Faith. I don't

    believe that one can simply say I do believe that Jesus died for all our sins but i also

    believe that dinosaurs existed 65 million years before humans and goto Heaven. If

    you believe this, in my opinion, you're calling God a Liar. Through the Holy Spirit God

    talked Through people without Error. To believe word for word, God's truth you must

    also have faith in the messengers that are led by the Holy Spirit. If the messenger in

    Genesis mis=interpreted God's 5th day land animals and 6th day humans then why

    didn't he just use words like, later, years after, or generations after? Why did the

    messenger say on the sixth day?? Clearly, he envisioned everything by light and

    darkess days because on the first day it started off completely void; or without form.

    Then God said "Let there be light" and then there was light. Then God seperated both

    light and darkness and called it night and day. I still don't understand how someone

    who reads Genesis chapter 1 can still come up with the conclusion that somewhere in

    the text the Bible give reference to any millions of years....

    I don't know if i'm making much sense to anyone, and if i'm not then don't blame God

    Blame my horrible writing skills. I'm not trying to push my faith onto anyone. I

    Believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I also believe Mary was a virgin. I believe

    that Christ Rose from the grave. Why you ask yourself? Because I also believe that

    The God of All gods was also wise enough to leave me a guidebook because he knows

    we would need it. He doesn't say ''you must believe in me or die! or you must die

    because you don't believe in me'' He says because our ancestors sin and took us out

    of God's protection we will inevitably die. What happens after you die is COMPLETELY

    up to you. I think of it like this........I created my son with my sperm and my wife's

    eggs. . . . .What would please me more?? My son growing up and doing what I taught

    him? Or my son growing up and doing whatever He thinks is right?

    LOL. . . .Sorry if this doesn't make sense and for some reason i think it might not. I'm horrible at putting thoughts into words. lol

    P.S. I also believe that the Bible meantions Cannabis and they also refer to it as

    'the new wine'
  14. Agnostic, No reilgion has shown its faith to me in a way that I can believe.
  15. no it doesnt make sense... if we were here by the 5th day then why are dinosaurs here... makes no sense... also makes no sense how you can even think that something was made in 6 days when it takes a millenia to accomplish what has been done.

  16. They're back? Holy schmoly, Batman! It's Jurassic Park all over again! :D
  17. ok fine want me to add the fossils you smartass.
  18. This just spells argument. We are 28,000 strong on here covering differnt countries, you did not think this would go down w/o a hitch? I am just going to add, why does everyone beleive the hype. We all as stoners fight against all the government propaganda, but can't seem to find any faults with man. Maybe just maybe those scientist could have made a mistake and maybe just maybe the dino's were not millions of years ago, they could have aged in the earth, maybe there was another type of animal, or dino. I am just saying it has been proven more than once that man shoves his big ass foot in his mouth all the tyme, but people blindly follow him. I will quote an e-mail I got a while back that holds oh so true in my eyes.

    "In God we trust" is our national motto. This is not some Christian, right wing, political slogan.. We adopted this motto because Chritian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you find another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture. "

    I hope this does not offend anyone, but it is true. I am not going to get into this thread any more b/c it is just an argument waiting to happen. I love all and hope that all can find love for me. Lets just all agree on 1 thing, WE LOVE CANNABIS. :hello: JOE>

  19. LOL!! Dude, you can't just throw that out there and just leave! It's un-American! It's un-constitutional! It's... it's... UNFAIR! :D

    Sorry that you're under the impression, as so many Americans are, that this country was founded on Christian principles. It was founded on the principles of freedom... which includes freedom of religion. And as far as being founded by Christian men and women, the 'founding' was done by men. Women had no rights back then. And don't get me started on the secret societies that most of our founding fathers belonged to, societies that operated well outside the confines of Christianity.

    Okay... I'm done... for now. Don't want to end up with another full page post on the same day...! :cool:

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