Religion is simply many peoples way of defining the same feeling.

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  1. I believe that whatever is holding this universe together and gives us life cannot be defined.  I think this feeling exists in all of us, but is not felt unless your mind is trained or under the influence of psychedelics(which blow every emotion out of proportion to the point where words cannot describe.  On psychedelics I have personally felt what I think religion is.  A feeling of interconnectedness and love,)  The feeling is there, just amplified by psychedelics.  Once you learn this feeling you never forget it and can feel it even when sober.
    \nI think religion is closely tied with psychedelics.  In ancient civilizations, they didn't have stigmas.  These psychoactive plants were not 'bad' and illegal.  They were merely something on this planet that was put here for us to utilize.  I believe that because these religions were formed so long ago, legality and the general 'frown upon' attitude was not present then because the only reason we believe they're 'bad' today is because of nitpicking and believing everything people tell you without doing your own research and making a decision based on your own logic.
    \nNow to the meat.  I believe religion is simply many people's definition and attempt to structure this feeling.  It worked for them, so why wouldn't it work for other people.  To some it might, but to most, they're just going through the motions without truly believing.  For anything spiritual to work for you, you must do your own research and come to your OWN decision based on your OWN logic.  I am a pretty spiritual person, but I don't believe in religion.
    \n\n I believe religion is the product of a feeling that is present in all of us that is attempted to be defined and structured by many different people.  Everyone is different, so everyone is going to have a different way of defining it.  Hence, why they all seem to be pointing towards the same thing and perform miracles for those that have true faith.  
    \nI think the universe has adapted a single minded view of faith and faith energy.  All it wants is a willingness to learn and devote your mind 100%.  I don't believe there is a god but rather an equal being desperately trying to show anyone who listens the secrets that were left behind by this world. 

  2. Well sure if this feeling is relative to the holy spirit from Christianity, vibrations from enlightenment etc....Sent from my PC36100 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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