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  1. Just a thought and it probably already exists as a religion but what if all living beings are part of a collective consciousness and we are all connected. This would explain some psychic abilities. For example there is no heaven or hell because when we do something bad to someone with negative intentions we are actually doing it to everyone. This would affect the overall mood of the conscious. We are all just tendrils of this consciousness but we have individual personalities when we die we add to the knowledge then we are reborn. Our subconscious stays intact with all the previous lives knowledge.
  2. Sounds good to me. Does it need to become a religion though?

  3. Religion is just a descriptive term but we could call it a theory.
  4. Might be better to do so.
  5. A spiritual belief system...? Anyways it sounds like pantheism.
  6. Yes it is a vague spiritual belief system. Not substantial enough to be called a religion. I actually got the idea from star wars and I built on it a little. You know the force and all that.
  7. I like it.
  8. Never got back to this post, heh.

    Good shit though man, I bet you it works a lot like that though.
  9. It's called pantheism OP. I myself subscribe to what you might call a pantheistic perspective of the nature of existence.
  10. Yes it is a pantheistic idea but the definition of pantheism is that they believe god is in everything but I don't believe he is. Maybe just in living organisms. Pantheism is almost another generalization of my thoughts and my op is already vague as it is.
  11. Well, if everything is energy, and this energy is the same in everything, then if there is a god, and god is everything, then god is also in everything, as there is nothing outside of god.
  12. What I'm trying to say is how can we define god in my theory if we are god.
  13. If we are god, there's no need to define it.
  14. Yes. Im confusing myself now. I supose in this theory god isn't present in the classical sense of god. The energy that we have misinterpreted as god is us and isn't us at the same time.
  15. I cant find one sentence that makes sense. :(
  16. Does tendril have some other meaning besides the way it's used in botany?
  17. [quote name='"MysteryRoach69"']Does tendril have some other meaning besides the way it's used in botany?[/quote]

    Small part of the whole. As in we are all part of a greater thing but we individually are small extensions of the consciousness.
  18. [quote name='"Timesplasher"']

    I cant find one sentence that makes sense. :([/quote]

    Do I need to formulate a more complete theory and repost.
  19. Haha, dude, let me tell you what I've noticed about people. Even though life isn't about duality, it's about enjoying it, but not all people know that, so they are dualistic in nature, take the logical and creative people for example. A creative person who was a logical person is a going to build on his logic through creativity. And a logical person who was a creative person is going to build on his logic, through more logic...

    Creativity implies knowing the big picture. While logic implies knowing the pieces and how they exactly fit together. So the creative think mostly through symbols. And the logical, through details.

    If you can't understand something, it doesn't mean it's wrong, you are going to have to change the way you see that thing, in order to grasp it, and wrestle with it, to get a better understanding of it.

    Just try to empathize with the OP for a sec, you don't have to accept his ideas, just see where he is looking at it from. Then give a proper response according to what you understood from it.
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    It's certainly possible we're all connected and if we do one we do to everyone. That would mean we're really just one being that diverged its consciousness, branching off to many pockets analogous to a trunk ->branch->leaves and somehow isolated them from each other making it seem like individuals. But I don't see a reason why we need to make a religion out of it though. It would also point out that we would be pretty moody people , considering the roller coaster of emotions happening around the world. But I guess you could say the effects are so small it's unnoticeable.

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