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Relief like never before!!!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Powerful6, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Not sure if this post belongs in this area--but the majority of what I've learned has come from this forum and mmj subsection...seemed appropriate to post it here

    We live in a state where MMJ isn't legal. All maryJ is illegal. We began planning a move to Colorado a few months ago and we are moving to Denver on the 30th. In preparation, I have been looking at dispensaries--menus and descriptions...

    (I'm getting to the point)

    I discovered concentrates/hash on these forums. More importantly, how to make it.

    My partner was having a particularly difficult evening with intense nausea, vommitting, and intense stomach cramps.

    All we have access to is schwagg right now...nevertheless I made ISO hash with some shake in about 45 minutes and it was EXTREMELY potent. I don't understand how it's possible. It came from crappy dirt weed, but it tastes dank and when smoked on a bowl it gave him an intense body stone which calmed all his symptoms almost immediately.

    First of all, thank you GrassCity for being here!! You've been an amazing help for me.

    Second, can someone explain why the hash goo that came out is so dank tasting and body high causing...where the weed is nasty hay-tasting shit.

    I know this is long, I'm just so ecstatic about the results of this whole situation.

    This is a pic of what I got. I used about 3 grams of dirt shake with 70% Iso in a pill bottle--set in alcohol for about 20 mins total, shook 5 times (1x per 4 mins). Let it dry in Pyrex after filtering it with coffee filter. Let Iso evaporate completely the scraped. Used a paper clip to drop a piece over a bowl.

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  2. Maybe the swagg was a good strain not grown properly so all the bad stuff got washed out and you were left with some dank concentrate. I made iso hash for the first time last week out some stems from my last harvest and it worked so I can't wait to do it with buds and trim after my next harvest. I love hash
  3. Your lucky i just read that cause someone asked me that this afternoon (i am the head budtender at my dispensary in cali). When we grow cannabis its not for the plant material but its for the trichomes developed by the plant. On those trichomes an oil called terpen oil is developed that contains all the cannabinoids that we need ie. thc, cbd, cbc, cbn etc. Now most of these cannabinoids are non-water soluable which means they have a property that prevents them from binding with water, that's why we can smoke bongs and no thc is in the water. But there are 3 things that thc will bind to; fat, oil, and alcohol. When u made your ISO it pulled all or most of the cannabinoids and a little plant material out and was bound in the alcohol. Once the alcohol evaporated the thc was left in your plate with a little water and whatever trace sediments were in the alcohol. As for the flavor, little flavor in cannabis is actually made by the plant, its actually the terpen oil i spoke of earlier that contains this aroma and taste. Most plants in the plante kingdom contain terpen oils, its the combination of these thousands of oils that makes the unique tastes and smells we experience. I hope I answered your questions and if you have anymore dont be afraid to ask.
  4. by the way throw out that 70 percent and pickup 91 from walmart or safeway. if you can get 99 even better but some states dont allow the sale of 99 percent on store shelves. i get super high quality ISO with 99 and use a hash bag as a screen. comes out like BHO
  5. and use a glass container about twice the size of how much cannabis your putting in it

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