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  1. So my girlfriend and I want to buy a bong since we're moving into an apartment. (Yay no more living with parents :D) And I'm not really sure which sites/brands are reliable. I seem to find mixed reviews and a lot of companies appear to be scams.. We're looking for something that's $100 or less. It doesn't have to be super fancy, but we would like it to be pretty (possibly colorful, but not rasta or tacky pot leaves or stuff like that). We'd prefer a slide over a carb hole.
    Any suggestions of sites/brands/specific bongs would be greatly appreciated. :)
  2. Obviously you're not looking for a high end or scientific piece, so why not check out the Grasscity shop? Lots of cool pieces in, or close, to your price range.

    unless your looking for some real high end glass, but we aren't allowed to post competitor links.
  4. Oh, I didn't even think about that, Sunn. Way to go, me. :p (about competitors, I've been looking in grasscity)
    Bleh I just can't find anything that catches my eye. I found one I liked on another site but it has a carb hole. :( /searches on
  5. well, exactly what are you looking for? there are tons of good bongs on this site.
  6. Haha that's the problem, I don't know.
    I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to bongs. (I've only really used one before on a regular basis and I know it was a lot nicer than what I'm planning on getting..) So I don't really know what makes them better or worse. :p Haha, I know $100 is not going to get me like a really nice one, but it's all I can afford.
    Do you have any recommendations for a nicer cheap one?
  7. well, personally i own this one:

    with shipping and everything i ended up paying like $75 total and i use the thing almost every day. so i can tell you that in my experience it's a good value. however i don't know if your looking for something like this. i know that black leaf as a whole makes pretty good products though, and i think molino does too so you could try looking through those 2 companies.
  8. Grasscity has a nice selection of ehle glass too! Not to mention they are cheaper than most other sites.
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    ... But... But I recommended GC first :(
  10. I know KGann, I was talking about not being able to post competitor links, not looking on grass city. :)
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    A couple of things that make them better are the thickness of the glass. 3mm is thin glass. 5mm or 7mm is much heavier and more durable. Get glass. Acrylic is cheap and that's about all I can say for it except to stay away from it if possible and get glass. If it has rubber gromets holding the downtube versus having a glass joint, it's not as good as the glass on glass joint. Good diffusion makes some better than others. In other words, how hard does it draw and how many bubbles does it make. Not having to suck hard and lots of diffusion is good. Look for more than one hole in the bottom of the downtube or some sort of perc in the chamber. Those are generally in better bongs and that's what gives good diffusion. Don't get one to big or to little. Anything over 18-20 inches is really big and anything under 14 is getting small. If it has a sliding bowl versus a carb hole, that's a good thing. Better bongs have slides not carbs. Well thats about all the tips I've got off the top of my head.

    Use the search function in the GC store and sort it down to your price range by making a selection on the left side. You aren't shopping in the high end of bongs, so pick just one you like. Ya gotta start somewhere.
  12. Look at a q u a l a b s .com without the spaces haha. That's my go to site with very reliable services

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