Relatively new MJ grower. Looking for suggestions on my setup.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Wiley weedley, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone.
    I am currently buying a 2ft8in x 2ft8in x 5ft grow tent. I am equipping it with 2 mars 300 watt LED grow lights. I will also be placing a couple of CFLs (6500k veg) (2700k flow) around the corners of the tent. I will have a humidity/temp monitor as well as a 6in oscillating fan on the top corner. I plan to grow 3 northern light seeds in 3gallon fabric pots. I will be using cal mag as well as fox farms trio. I am contemplating growing it in fox farm ocean forest soil but am unsure. Based on this information what do you think. Am I good to go?
  2. I wouldnt have more than 2 plants in that small area, you can easily cover the entire surface area with 1 plant and a decent Scrog technique. If you do one plant I'd suggest a 5 gallon pot also
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  3. How much do you think one plant alone would yield under good circumstances
  4. In a 3x3 with a decent amount of veg time, you could get a pound if you don't mess up along the way
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  5. That's what I like to here. Thanks
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  6. I'll prob start off with 2 plants with a 5 week veg 20/4 for 2 weeks and then 18/6 for 3 weeks. Then start the harvest for like 3-6 weeks. I'll be using the LST method of training.
  7. i have the same size tent, it's 4x2 but that's the same amount of area and I yielded 15oz from my last auto grow. Scrog and top that's the recipe for high yields in limited space
  8. I was gonna go with lst not scrog
  9. Scrog is just easier to tie down when you got a lot of branches growing. Either way works. What strain you looking to grow?
  10. Northern lights femenized by nirvana seeds
  11. mmm the classic indica, good choice. Oh, and regarding the soil, Fox Farm Ocean Forest is a great soil if you mix it with 20-30% perlite. I wouldn't put the seeds directly into it though, I would start them out for about a week in a rooting cube and then transfer since the soil has a lot of nutrients in it and you risk burning the seedling. But once the transfer is complete, you don't need to feed it for a good 4 weeks.
  12. Great. Thanks man you've been a big help. I was wondering when I should start feeding it. Once I get everything settled up I'm going to start a journal.
  13. Message me when you get that journal going, I would love to follow along. Yeah you don't need to feed much with FFOF, I got an outdoor grow going right now, they are about 5 weeks into veg already showing signs of preflowering and still arent showing any signs of needing to be fed. I only really need to start feeding regularly when the plant begins to flower. Your plant will tell you when it's hungry. A good soil composition will feed your plants for you.
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