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  1. Are they not everything? Relationships with the environment, with other people and with your own mind.
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  3. I will summarize and rephrase Bashar's veiws on relationships, and they are the same views of my own

    ~Relationships & Commitments~

    All relationships are for the purpose of everyone in the relationship reflecting what they need to, to the other people in the relationship, to allow them to become more of who they are. That's how relationships are formed. Idea of commitment, is that you are TRUE to your definition of the commitment you clearly communicated to the others in the relationship. Commitment is just following through to the actual commitment in the relationship. It doesn't matter what it is. Just as long as you stick to it. Defining who you are and your intentions in that relationship, then the others can choice for themselves to interact in the relationship.

    Everyone relationship happens for a reason, you see a part of yourself in that person/persons
  4. Relationships are everything. I first realized this tripping balls on mushrooms.
  5. What is your relationship with the present moment? ;)
  6. Yeah man we have a relationship with everything. I just realized today that even people I don't like or really talk to, like the cranky bus driver today, I still have a relationship with her whether i realize it or not. Even things I never interact with, that is the state of my relationship with it.
  7. Relationships give us the opportunity to see ourselves reflected through the eyes of another. This is really necessary in order to acquire a balanced perspective.

    They're also useful in finding a balance between having an inner and outer life - too much of either can affect having a proper spiritual perspective.

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