Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by cowofsteel, Feb 28, 2003.

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  1. Hey all bladies and blades. Hey i was around when they made that name up, cool. But anyway i was around than i was gone, and now im back again, hopefully for good this time! Nice to \"see\" you again!
  2. Ditto ^^^^^

    Try and remember not to publicly tell where you are down to the last door though. You may find getting here impossible when they get ya!
  3. Welcome back!

  4. Hahah yeah. I have an excuse though, it was my first time smokin white rhino...... so naturally i was really fried. I read that again this morning wondering why the hell i was so damn stupid!

    Thanks for all the welcome backs! I know it\'s great to be back!
  5. I\'ll keep on telling ya ,Cow!

    This here feller was my first deleted thread.

    *stands and takes a bow*

    Only it kept reappearing.

    Welcome again Cow! BTW, is your name somekind of takeoff on the steel horse Bon Jovi spoke of?

  6. no, actualy im not sure what horse your speaking of. Im not really sure were my name came from, but it did come.
  7. i came

  8. wow.... just wow
  9. no wow.
    well..not so much wow as oh my god!?!?!?!:S:S:S:s
  10. dude that ant funny...i lost some one in that. ppl that make that shud be shot( i know u did not make it)...peaces...MrSbb
  11. no, people that make that shouldnt be shot, because then you could be shot for having a picture of bob marley as your avatar, or you could be shot for any other freedom of speech

    but thats besides the point
  12. no dude. what u said was COMPLEY diffrent. when some one made that bob marly pic NO one was killed, no one was hurt, no one had to take there own lives to save them selfs to not seeing it. thats all most makeing a joke out of all the ppl that die on that dredful day. thats a slap in the face to all the flams that lost fam members...and yes ppl that make that shud be shot...thanks...peaces....MrSbb
  13. well this happy introduction has gone sour now hasn\'t it...
  14. Indeed it has Cow!

    I took out the pic.

    And I\'m closing the thread.

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