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  1. My friend just sent me the album "Graffiti the World" by Rehab (he said he's been trying to get it for awhile but can't find a lot of their music, now he has their first and third album). I'm listening to it and I really like this band, it's mad cool. Anyone else a big fan and feel like discussing? :wave:
  2. post a link to download!
  3. I'm sure that's fake, heh. Just out of curiousity, haha, did you make that, GL? Says it's in Florida and the two songs are the ones you mentioned, lol. Even if you didn't, I'm sure a band like that would have more than 3 friends, man. There's so many fake band sites on myspace, makes me sick. ><

  4. Na, I didnt make it. The real band didnt come up. Only some band called Rehab After Party
  5. that's hilarious man, cause the page that you posted was the exact same songs you mentioned, located in florida, and has only been a member since 4/19 (an hour ago at least, haha). good shit, very ironic.

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