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  1. i have purple stems so i have to determine whether i need to lower or raise the ph what substances could i use to change the ph up or down. could i just make the water more basic or acidic or would i need to have something on the soil
  2. try both. rain water is naturally acidic and i know that the soil around here in new england, is generally acidic. i do landscapin for a dude with alot of land and flower beds. he does the ph for his lawns and he said its between 4.5-5.5. very acidic. i would try powdered limestone. not too much. a lil here and there. tap water i think is usually alkaline. depemds of its private well water or public i think.

  3. look for your leaves to tell you about ph problems. how do they look? if they're not displaying problems then i wouldn't worry about it. purple stems might be a pheno of what you're growing.
  4. I have been castigated before for saying this, but I NEVER measure pH, or add any pH adjusting chemicals - I am an outdoor only soil grower, so I can only talk about that. It just seems to correct itself. And last year my 4 girls gave me 72 ounces of dried/cured.

  5. well, you can't argue about your results, that's a good crop. if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  6. I agree, for outdoor at least, pH balancing is not entirely important. As long as you are not growing in a pine forest, dont worry too much about you pH.
  7. even in a pine forrest just spread a lil lime and youll do okay. ive never paid much attention to PH either. but since i am growing in a pine forrest lol i used some granular lime. i wanted powered limestone but granunlar was all they had.

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