Regular soil ---> Fox farm?

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  1. Would it be a good idea to plant a seedling into a pot of regular soil, and then transfer it to Fox farm soil when it begins to get too big?
  2. If say the regular soil has the nutrients for that plant to begin, (the most important time of the plant's life to have all of the right stuff) I don't see a problem with doing that, although I can't recommend it.

    If you're looking at a time crunch, where maybe you can't get the fox farm soil for a while, but want to start growing then by all means go ahead and start. But if you're trying to be cheap for whatever reason, well stick with the fox farm and enjoy your great bud you get from it.

    Good luck brother.
  3. that would probably be fine... but it's better to just plant it in the same soil. it will reduce the amount of shock your plant goes through..

    Be gentle. watch the leaves. know what is going on with your plant.
  4. I dug up my outdoor garden about 8 inches down. Tilled it nice and good.

    I added 3 bags of cheap organic soil, 1 bag perilite, 1/2 bag horse manure, some granular fertilizer and mixed it all together very well.

    Then I watered it heavily for 3-4 days before planting in it just to compact it some and make sure all nutes were well spread out.

    So far the plants are doing great
  5. Make your own soil...

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