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Regular drout

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Jersey Bred, May 14, 2011.

  1. Not that I give a dam cause I only smoke the best not bragging just me but I hear alot of people complaining that's there's no regular weed around? My answer was that most regular weed is grown out of the country and all the good stuff us exotic smokers like is grown right here so there's no borders so it's always around while the regs are from places like Mexico and Canada where it can b grown in abundance outside but then have to b smuggled into the states which is getting harder? Does anyone else have any input on the situation?
  2. I have heard the same thing in WI/MN. No one seems to know why.
  3. Wow there too!!! Idk why they waste there time wit it but hey whatever floats your boat why not smoke the best tho!!!
  4. Only one reason that I can think of. Edibles. Believe it or not, I had been trying to get schwagg for about 6 weeks to make edibles before I just said screw it.
  5. Yea i havent heard of too many mids around here lately (pennsylvania)
  6. Come to Florida, shitty regs and mids all over the place. Don't really waste my time smoking them anymore lol.
  7. Central Florida 352 got alot of dank...apparently no mids.

    Homies been looking for mids, but says everyones out

    Glad I don't smoke that shit. *toke*
  8. my dude has reggies and dank at all times in ohio
  9. You can always find dank and reggies in MI

    There's someone out there near you that has regs, you just don't know them, or have no way of knowing them, but its pretty safe to say that it is there
  10. A tremendous portion of weed is smuggled by land on peoples backs. During the winter months they can smuggle high amounts.

    The hotter it gets, the less they can carry. So every year around april it starts getting harder to come by.

    Every year people die trying to cross the desert. Imagine trying to do it with a 50-75lb pack of weed on you, plus all the water you need for several days of walking in the desert.

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