Regional/Hometown Bands?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by -t0n3Dr0ck3r, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. Hey, I'm just curious what other hometown rock sounds like. :) The bands around my city have a website with some mp3.s on it so here it is.
  2. We got:

    The Transcendant Alliance
    Scissor Hands
    Cannibal Corpse (Well ew had them........... untill gay Corpsegrinder joined. They can fuck themselves now)
    <insert other NY metal here>

    IM me for some if you want to hear. I highly reccomend The Transcendant Alliance and Scissor Hands, as I'm friends with them.
  3. Anathallo is a band that came out of my town that actually is pretty big. i went to high school with most of the members and theyre all extremely talented people.... they are however a christian band so they wont accept a big record deal, and theyve turned some down in the past. im not a fan of the lyrics, seeing as i have no religious beliefs, but the music is pretty rockin, they have a newer album thats on the more artsy side but its good stuff
  4. shit, their mp3s are hosted by so theyre out of order for the time being
  5. I dont listen to any local bands really, since i dont like most of the people in them, or the type of music they play. Plus their lyrics are lame as theyre teens from the suburbs and dont have shit to write about.

    But Rob Zombie grew up where i did, and Godsmack in the town right next to it.
  6. the only band that i know of that came from around here that a good amount of people know is mushroomhead

    this one kid i know from school his bro plays for them, thaught that was pretty cool

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